LSW 1744 Wednesday 14th July


Tseung Kwan O

Hare - Bobbledick

Where’s the water? Where’s the water? I panted as I finally reached the start line. By the time I reached the it I had walked so far I thought I had already finished the hash. Classic sign of a Bobbledick Hash.

We started at the Tseun Kwan O sports ground. The run sent us off back to the MTR station and up the main road in the direction of Tiu Keng Leng station. After a check back we headed into a building site, through a car park and out onto the land reclamation in Junk Bay. Followed the trail around in the direction of Hang Hau. (At this point After a second check back we found ourselves going down through and underpass and heading through a big new housing estate in the east of TKO. A open check lead us up onto the road and on to the Rambo/ wimps split. The rambos didia loop up through the grave yards on the hill and back down into TKO where we joined the wimps. Then it was ON ON home.

There were murmurs that it was a crappy run – Gunpowder. But taking in to account that Bobbledick stood in for somebody else at the last minute, the heat and the fact that everybody seemed completely knackered even before the start, I think most people who took part were happy with their 51-55 min run.

ON ON was a local Dai Pai Dong inside a housing estate in TKO.

Down Downs

Hares – for being the hare.

Maggie – for telling all the Malays at the Inter-hash in KUching to SHUT UP. What a cheek!

Gary Glitter – for coming back to Hong Kong again.

Virgin Mary – for something to do with being a lawyer.

Toilet Spray – for getting lost on the start and bumping into Boilers who was also lost. The blind leading the blind.

Butt Fann (look a like) – For being late, not doing the run, collecting the cash, then doing a runner without giving us cash for the down down beers.

Bondi – for trying to poor a bottle of beer and failing to realize that the top was still on. Needless to say he did it three times and he was wearing glasses. Be very afraid if you end up in his surgery.

Hare – for leading us over grave stones.

Hare – for buying beer which is even worse than San Miguel (Blue Ice). Was obviously cheap, wasn’t it?

Everybody – for turning up to a Bobbledick Run.

Gunpowder – apparently his wife is performing on stage tonight in Wan Chai.

What kind of stage and whether there is a pole on it we are left to wonder.

Virgin Mary – for not keeping a secret.

Ninja Winja, Boilers, Italian Hand Job, Toilet Spray for all being from a country with a shit football team.

Cum into my tunnel – for being from a country with a good soccer team and depriving England of a second goal.

Gunpowder – for being the only person who Spanish – the language of the umpire who disallowed the goal mentioned above.

Macau Drunk – for being the African representative and putting on a good tournament in South Africa.

Bondi – for claiming that anyone who has a shower after a hash is a puff.

Anyone who had a shower for the sin mentioned above.

Virgin Mary – for swearing a becoming impure.

Due to complaints by the locals that we were too noisy , Boilers made the executive decision to NOT sing the song. That deserves a down down next week.

Tseung Kwan O