LSW 1742 - Sheung Wan

The Indy Run

After a tongue wagging 6 flight stair climb to Indy’s rooftop, the pack was set off to the usual direction – upwards. It’s not a virgin trail but the runners are as clueless as ever. Only Hopeless seems to know exactly where it was going. We all regrouped at the super slippery shiggy above the HKU avalanche. This is the mother of all white elephants - the HK Slope department has been working on this for 2 years and they have not progressed a bit except installing this blue mesh that was holding the earth but was sliding us hashers all over – made us lose our water bottles and tore my new Under Armour shorts that I ordered over the internet!

Gary Glitter was shouting warnings to everyone regarding this live wired orange cable on the path. He had a bit of a Cheshire cat grin – so am not sure if he was pulling our legs or he just wanted to add more excitement to such an adventurous trail.

The humongous construction site intimidated Splash so much that he told everyone to go the other way. It was the wrong way and even Hopeless fell for it!

But his luck was not as bad as Ivana Nucock’s – who got lost at the first check. She caught up with everyone including the Front Runners.

Willy Wanker, who wanted a spectacular comeback to hashing – wasn’t feeling it either. His luck was the least of all’s – Indy found him at the right time and right moment and requested his assistance in carrying all the drinks up her rooftop. So you can imagine he wanted the run to end even before it started.

Anyway, everyone went up the Battery Pine path – then the Morning Trail (where I short cutted) – and somewhere around the Peak –down the backway path – through the blue dot Pagoda steps – Castle Road – and up again to the rooftop. This time, Gary Glitter produced a very long face. No more grins.

And despite her earlier bad luck, Ivana was the first runner in.

The map

Down down’s by Priscilla:

HP Salsa – running into the high tension cable at the blue dots trail.

HP Salsa – the bump made him lose his appetite.

Indy – sussing out Fiji guy (Splash) for a free place for her honeymoon. Date not yet determined.

Splash – thought that seeing flour means turning back

Ivana – planning to do the gayhash on July 1st holiday.

Hicky Slut – planning to do a 20KM run on the holiday.

Buttfaan – no plans on the holiday.

Willy Wanker – returnee, inspired by his recent Namibia trip, wants to go back to hashing.

Hopeless – the man with the goldenchain. Hash crash according to Ash Hole.

Macau Drunk – doing nothing (again).

Indy – opening her doors to the hash since she is set to have a windfall from its pending sale.

Buttfaan – gassing on Gary Glitter.

Down Down’s by Ivana:

Indy – the Hare.

Willy Wanker/Buttfaan – fighting over food

Ash Hole – for hovering all the food.

Hicky Slut – recommending the lamb dumplings even if she hates lamb. 9and for short cutting).

Willy Wanker – intending to go to Fiji for honeymoon but ended in Wanchai.

Indy – keeping vodka in her purse.

Priscilla/Gary/Ash – shirt buttoned boys.

Indy – slippery blue mesh

Melamine Girl – non runner.


 Sheung Wan 100630 10.93km 86mins