LSW 1741 Wednesday 23rd June



Dark clouds loomed overhead ('cos it was night someone added helpfully).

Despite the persistent rain quite a good pack of 22 runners turned up at the Greig Road sitting out area.

Customary phonecall from Indy to find exit B of the MTR, then whether to turn left or right at the exit once found.

Ivana Nukock declared that there would be no Wimps trail and that the Rambos would be live-hared. Anyone wanting a shorter run was told where the route would be going.

Master Wanker volunteered to be flour-b*tch and off they went.

Come into my Tunnel was meantime lugging the ice and drinks from the nearby P'n'S

After 13mins we set off up Greig Road to the check at Mt. Parker Lodge. Into the country park and along the trail that goes from Kornhill towards Mt. Parker Road. We met up with some of the Wimps who had started ahead of us and were now turning round to return to A. We then turned left off the traverse to go straight up Mt. Parker emerging at the 460m contour line just below the radio masts at the top.

From there it was easier running down the road to a check in Quarry Gap and then continuing down Mt. Parker Rd. to the check at the Ag. & Fish. Offices. We continued the descent to rejoin the outward trail at Mt. Parker Lodge and on home.

A good run especially considering the conditions, then on to a new basheteria 'Kam Lung Thai Food' with great food and Singha beer for $18 a bottle.

DOWN DOWN'S by Indyanus

The Hares - 'What did you think of that mountain?' Run renamed from the 'Checkhole Charlie' Run … with the Ruskie/Deutsche duo hares…. to 'The Nord Eiger' Run….

The Hares - Well Done!! With the treacherous rain that wiped out the trail, got on with it and did Live Hare Run instead…. after having laid the trail in the afternoon!

The Hares - First there were 2 and then there were 3…… Ivana Nucock /Cum Into My Tunnel and special thanks to Master Wanker for stepping in to help as Live Hare….

Cum Into My Tunnel - first time virgin hare but with his section of the trail wiped out, does he count as hare? Unanimous vote in support of his efforts…..

And when one German drinks ……all Germans! DD's to Crème Brulee also

Piss Perfect - needs to get to know his fellow hasher….heard to comment about Cum Into My Tunnel….. 'Who is he? Never seen him before'…. Time you came to LSW more often PP!

Inflatadate - Also guilty….. when talking about CIMT calls him a Dane……

Wanchai Wanker - (lookalike Bobbledick)…… got to the top of the Eiger, then went half/way down again and back up as had lost his water bottle!

Ivana Nucock - climbing the Eiger twice in one day!

STFU - nominated himself to help co-hare run with Sticky ST on July 7, but now leaving the country and not informed SST…….. Ouch!! Any volunteers to take his place?

STFU - leaving the country cause cheaper to go back to the States than to pay for the g/f to come over to HK….

Inflatadate - heard to comment 'Good idea to keep the g/f away from HK', but no deep and meaningless reason for saying it!

Denver Ho - broke with tradition and did Wimps trail……. tapering down before the big 250km Gobi Desert Race starting Sunday….

Denver Ho - a request from her to keep her mentally motivated whilst in 46 degree desert temperature… 'Please read my blog and send comments to keep me saneish…!'

Virgin Mary - began as Rambo but turned around just before the Eiger…..

Priscilla - got to the run just on time but slightly rushed! Work stress….needs LSW run/On On/OCH to unwind…..

So who has been in HK for greatest number of years and has climbed that Eiger Mountain before…….Bobbledick…..28 years/Inflatadate….17 years/Macau Drunk…22 years….all Eiger Virgins! Priscilla….12 years…..been there, done that mountain before!

Ninja Whinger - lookalike Whinger… Inflatadate!… He needs to 'Harden the F**k up'! NW fell over on the climb and heard crying for Medivac……oh my shoulder/my leg/my knee!! Where's the helicopter??

Bobbledick - Gets to the On On in time for DD's……ate at MacDonalds instead of the much-heralded Thai restaurant……DD in water!

Denver Ho - Her Last Supper before a diet of dehydrated 'goodies' and power gels!

Inflatadate - regaling the table with his impressive story about how he had been up the (real) Eiger twice, and that was pretty scary!.......He was in a train………….

Piss Perfect - To the comment that Inflatadate keeps putting his foot in his mouth, came out with what he considered to be his 'pearl'!....'He must have Tinea of the lips…' Hmm!

Dragon Boaters - Priscilla and Ivana Nucock…the latter did start last week's LSW run but after 100 metres got a call from Deutsche Bank to get back onto that water……

CIMT - When referring to Hash Cash reimbursement for the run says, 'I don't take what I want - I take what I spent!!'