LSW 1740 Wednesday 16th June



Hared by Bravefart

Down downs

Bernie - new runner

Captain Pubic Hair - returnee

Denver Ho - blue arrow F-up

Dr. Evil - work nepotism

Cum Into My Tunnel - hare ran away leaving him to do the write up and next week's run announcement (both of which he screwed up by the way)

Denver Ho - chalk envy

BOF - running from Taikoo to Stanley as a warm up before the run

Shortcutters - Castrato, Sticky Sex Toy

Brave Fart - his marking could be seen from the bus

Brave Fart - crossover with HKH3

Red Rambos - Indy and Lost in Space

Captain Pubic Hair - 1st in

Dr. Evil - getting a Carlsberg promotion gift glass

Hopeless - watching the chalk from the bus

All the Aussies and Kiwis - something about the World Cup..

Lost in Space - hash cash error

Chatroom Pedophile - working

Denver Ho - not calling and confusing Bite-n-Suck

Bernie and Sticky Sex Toy - working at the same place

Lamma Boys - not being invited to Ruggero's daughters' inflatable dingy launch party

Sticky Set Toy - chalk envy and chatting too much

Sweaty Snail Gobbler - going to work

Brave Fart - setting a trail in the busiest location in Stanley

Holepess - using blue chalk on a white chalk run

Chatroom Pedophile - new shoes


Stanley 100616 5.48km 43mins