LSW 1739 Wednesday 9th June


Sham Tseng

Hared by Bite'n'Suck & Hopeless

Only a small and hardy group of hashers braved the darkening sky and confusing Citybus numbering scheme to make their way out to Sham Tseng.

I arrived to find a group of just over a dozen hashers huddling from the rain under a footbridge, along with most of Sham Tseng's dogwalkers and a local opportunist who was claiming he'd dropped his wallet close to the growing pile of hash bags. A likely story, the hare shoo'd him away. Later she'd need to shoo away the dogs as well, to prevent them wee-ing on Castrato's bag.

A short briefing ensued from principal hare Bite n Suck and subservient hare Hopeless. Yes, there might still be some markings out there, we tried to place them out of the rain, no, the 500m RMB notes on trail won't blow away, no they're under really heavy stones, wouldn't move in an eathquake, oh and for the foolhardy, there's a commando split after the rambos...

Got all that, off you go. With the rain increasing its intensity, I felt rather relieved that I was taking the ultimate wimps' option and sitting the run out with my knee injury.

"Probably wise" noted Hopeless ominously.

However, with the run being a reprise of a lesser hash run from January (which I'd set), I'm able to give an idea of where the pack should have gone.

After leaving town past the goose restaurant, the trail headed out of the village on a concrete path running parallel to the main road. A bit of checking for the front runners I'm sure, but all the trails rejoin eventually and the concrete path continues up the side of a wide valley, where there's a pagoda for watching the view when the weather's nicer.

Just before crossing into the next valley, rambos split off left for a shiggy section along a ridge to come out at the Sham Tseng settlement basin, whereas wimps continued on a longer, flatter trail via Tsing Fai Tong. Wimps returned long the main road from Tsing Lung Tau, with rambos being offered a more interesting contour path past the service reservoir and then back into Sham Tseng village.

Hopeless returned from re-laying/sweeping up to the split, having turned Motormouth back to A and reassuring F3M that she'd be fine, as she'd done the trail before. Confidence potentially misplaced, given how long it took some of the pack to return.

Ninja Winja, Lost at Sea & Macau Drunk were first in after an hour, having crossed back onto the wimps by mistake, however, the true rambo real men were not far behind, lead in by Wanchai Wanker. We soon had most of the pack reassembled, with Motormouth ambling back from her wander up to the split and latecomer Creme Brulee returning from her DIY run along the waterfront.

So where were the wimps? Had they strayed onto the formidable commando split, described by Hopeless as "highly technical, with a steep 30 foot descent, best done on your backside"?

No, it seems they were detained deep in Tai Lam forest, arguing over a check (Gary Glitter, F3M, Priscilla) or coming across "trail with arrows in both directions" (BOF).

After sending the subservient hare out in his car to sweep, the last survivors (Ian & HP Salsa) were washed up back at A after about two hours on trail. An elite group then proceeded to the Goose restaurant to discuss, among other things, the difference between a Glasgow Ned & an Edinburgh Schemie...

Down downs from Indy

Hares - Bite n Suck, Hopeless and non-running ex-hare Bravefart

Overpraising a "briilliant" run - Lost at Sea

Environmentally unfriendly death money trail - Hopeless

Rare On On appearance - Bravefart

Hashers with long trips home - Wanchai Wanker (Beijing), Lost at Sea (England), Piss Perfect (Sai Kung), Macau Drunk, Castrato, Bravefart (Lamma), Priscilla (DB), Hopeless (Clearwater Bay)

Bus related charges - Creme Brulee gets off at the first stop after the tunnel, at Kowloon - Indy misses 4 stops after the tunnel - F3M, unable to take 962, 962C or 962X

Hares - Hopeless' rambos all get home fine - Bite n Suck's wimps all missing

Rescuing wimps in his cars - Hopeless

How many wimps missing? - Bite n Suck has no idea

All wimps - Priscilla, F3M, BOF, Gary Glitter

Doing own run - Creme Brulee

Returning with suspiciously clean shoes - BOF

Returnees - Bravefart, Wanchai Wanker, BOF

New hash cash apron - Castrato

39k HKD hash trip - Hopeless

Showering in Denver Ho's ballast - Wanchai Wanker

The song was sung by the hares, the non-running hare and hash cash...

Rambos - ┐lavender? trail over the shiggy
Wimps - longer purple loop round on the flat
Commando - red route home via shiggy briefly attempted by F3M but failed to find the RMB50,000,000 to the ONON
Wimps trail about 11km in the end, Rambos maybe 9km