LSW 1735 – Taikoo Shing


Well they always say third time lucky. Such is the case for Dr. Evil. He definitely succeeded this time. Apart from a few murmurs from certain members of the group everybody was very pleased with this week’s run.

‘It will be the usual course with a few minor changes. Oh and be careful of the first Rambo, if it gets too much for you, you can get off at anytime. ’ we were told at the briefing.

What does he mean by too much? Too scary? Too long? Too steep? Too much shaggy? We were soon to find out.

With all that said we all set off along the trail which by now most of us new by heart and headed along the park until we turned right and went up to towards the fire station. Instead of doing the usual jump over the rock and up the water drain we were sent up to the dangerous three staged rambos. – THE LADDER.

God knows why this ladder has no barriers or railings stopping people from climbing it as it is, indeed, a jumper’s paradise. Dr. Evil sent us straight to the top of this vertical climb. One slip and it would have all been over, not just for you but those underneath you on the ladder. I, myself, am not really wimpish about such heights. but I do have to admit I was start to feel a little bit nervous as we neared the top.

Once we got to the top the trail led further up until we met a check and we sent us along the slope walls. After what seemed like an age, we finally found the way off the concrete paths of the slope as we headed off towards Shau Kei Wan where we found more steps and more concrete slopes.

With a few huffs and puffs and plenty of expletives, the trail led us up and up and up on some quite unwelcome steps towards the blue dog trail which runs around the back of Taikoo and Shau Kei Wan. We ran back in the direction of Taikoo expecting to hit the concrete catchwater at some point, but instead we were cleverly sent around an access bridge which took us down to the bottom of the Wilson trail and back out into the centre of Taikoo and on home.

The map

On On @ Pizza Express

Down Downs by Indyanus

The Hare – for finally succeeding third time lucky.

The Hare, Hickey Slut, Buttfan – How many hares do you need?

Master Wanker / Lost at Sea – falsely calling ON ON.

The Hare – for apparently doing only one reccie for a great run. You could have fooled me as far as I am aware, he has already done at least two previously.

Joyrider - from Bangkok hash.
Ruth - from HK ladies Hash.
Yummy Mummy - Non-runner

Hopeless – for doing whatever he could to get to the front.

Gary Glitter – for ditching Austria and coming back to where all the fun is.

Any Dick ‘ll do! – Having a dummy spit on the trail.

The Hare – for giving us the ladder.

Ninja Winja – for having used vaseline and coming a cropper on the ladder.

Everyone who did not do the ladder – guess why? For not doing the ladder!

Hopeless – for still moaning about the trail being unimaginative, even though the pack was kept together.

Ninja Winja – for being a mug and writing up this weeks run instead of Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee in abstentia - for not bothering to turn up this week.

Inflateadate – for buying Yummy Mummy a nurse’s uniform.

Inflateadate – for being honest and telling whingers to ‘harden the f**k up.’

Denver Ho – for only carrying seven kilograms of stones in her bag in preparation for the Gobi 250 km.

Shut the F**k Up – for running quite fast and being proud of it.

Shut the F**k Up for having lost a large amount of weight – an amazing 4 pounds.

Gunpowder Plot and Pissperfect for not following suit.

Pissperfect for bleeding nipples on last weeks run.

Master Wanker / Inflatadate – for running shirtless Chippandale style.

Lost at Sea – Hash Flash.

Macau Drunk for lying low and not getting any down downs.

Joyrider – for taking caring of all pilots EMERGENCY NEEDS.

Bobbledick – for returning to the hash after a while and for going to Mcdonalds for dinner and coming back just for the free beer.

 Taikoo 100526 8.28kms 75mins