LSW 1734 Wednesday 19th May


The Peak

Hared by Macau Drunk & Barbie

The Run

One of the "evils" of the current world.
14:16pm - David Pendleton - "dark day in macau" and a photo of dark clouds.

So Lost In Space brought that dreary view and the rain clouds with him across on the ferry as it verily p*ssed it down all afternoon. With the run advertised as an "A to B" we imagined the hares would instruct us as to the destination of B and a "Good luck, find the way". But, no, (1) the rain stopped around 18:30, and (2) the hare had marked the trail with orange string wrapped around "mostly lampposts or railings, all on your right-hand side". Checks were "When you come to a junction and see string, that counts as a Check".

So off the 18 or so of us went after dropping our bags at the taxi rank of The Peak shopping mall. Up the steps to the first check, which went up to the rise in Plunkett's Road. Hopeless and Castrato went left on Pollock's Path, but @nal Invitation got the first string back down Plunkett's and onto Mount Kellett Road, and then down to a Check at Victoria Peak Fire Station.

The hare is adamant he put up string around this junction but the entire pack went for 500m down Peel Rise finding zip. Ivana Nucock and Hopeless went back to the Fire Station for 17 minutes and 1.2km of Checking, but to no avail. By this time the pack had assumed there was nowhere else to go and headed back down Peel Rise. As did Hopeless, but the unfortunate Ivana resorted to ringing the hare before continuing on down the mountainside.

Another Check after 1.5km of Peel Rise surprised the pack as it went left after Ninja Winja and Crème Brûlée (The German version, not the French one) had checked further down the road. [Hash renaming to Pfannkuchen would be welcomed apparently. (German version of French Crèpes, which sounds more like something rude in the kitchen….) ].

It seems the Ninja was taking it easy as at the next Check he was no longer to be seen, with Piss Perfect getting the Check wrong as Hopeless and STFU nailed it on the 1.28km section of the Catchwater onto Aberdeen Reservoir Road. They both went left back into the country park, battled mosquitoes and boars before hearing an ON ON back down Aberdeen Reservoir Road by Castrato, with @nal Invitation a lady hasher in close proximity.

Thoughts of finishing at the Thai Restaurant (actually the food location) were dashed as orange string appeared further down Aberdeen Main Road, and a left turn into Aberdeen Praya Road. Up over the foot bridge and then onto Ap Lei Chau Bridge. Here Hopeless and Castrato backed off the pace, leaving @nal Invitation, resplendent in his luminous yellow vest and snail attached to his hat, to take the lead. Sniffing the chance to "win the Hash" AI picked up the pace.

Well Readers, "it's all about the last Check". Or, in this case, the wrong set of steps. AI led STFU into the subway off the bridge. Hopeless and Castrato followed. One of the four decided that was a mistake, went back up, and down the next set of steps , and…. won the Hash. Amazingly it appeared that most of the pack enjoyed the extra yardage of going into the subway.

With about 2/3 of the pack back, suddenly the heavens opened up again and a massive downpour ensued. The recently laid flour by Macau Drunk quickly washed away, but the remains of the group came in retrieved by Hopeless, drenched, with Lost In Space coming in to conclude the day's route.

A great run, which didn't need the shaggy and Rambos loop that had originally been planned.

A shower, a few Pringles, beer, and then onto the sampan across Aberdeen Harbour and onto the Thai Restaurant for their usual excellent offerings, including veggie food "without those baby prawns".

The Down Downs by Hopeless

The hares - Macau Drunk & Barbie.

Lost In Space - Facebook entry.

Don't take your Blackberry on a run unless it is in a waterproof bag or else it stops working - Denver Ho.

Headless hashers - @nal Invitation and STFU.

Lost Property - torch (Piss Perfect confesses the next day); T-Shirt from 3 weeks ago (Ninja Winja); mobile phone (Macau Drunk).

TWO new Hash Cash(es) - Buttfan and Castrato.

Castrato - his wife made him a very nice "Hash Cash Apron".

F3M - going "commando" all day in the office (and at the Bash) as she forgot to pack undies and bra to wear after paddling in the morning.

Red/Yellow Shirt Thailand fighting - Yellow - @nal Invitation, and Red - Swine Sucker.

Castrato - wife gloating over the fact she could vote in the UK election while his application failed to get approved in time.

The Grapefruit Club - F3M, Denver Ho & Lost In Space.

Macau Drunk - the "difficult" Check at the Fire Station.

Crème Brûlée -"I'm German not bl00dy French!".

@nal Invitation & Swine Sucker - Mistress and wife both refused to come to the Bash.

Buttfan - veggie food plus STFU and Lost In Space for stealing said food.

STFU - Ashole lookalike for living the Stepford life in DB. (Hopeless mistake - mistaken identity).

Crème Brûlée - a very battered and well used purse/wallet. Spot the dust falling out when removing money.

Hopeless - for racing.

Hash Crash - @nal Invitation, and also, somehow, completing the run with a snail attached to his cap..

The Song was sung by the Hares, and The Grapefruit Club.

 The Peak 100519 11.12km 75mins