LSW 1733 Wednesday 12th May


LSW 1733 Yau Tong

Hared by Master Wanker

About 23 runners gather round Master Wanker while he explained that he had lost the chalk and flour in the shiggy, but that it all should be alright.

Cheered on by the fish vendors we went through Lei Yue Mun to a check at the temple.

A lot followed the Wilson trail sign post pointing upwards, but it was up the alternate route a little further along.

Coming out on the cemetary road the check got everyone until we found the trail going back down the hill on some shiggy none of us had done before.

When we hit sea level again, a sort of path - nah, that's too generous - it was straight through the undergrowth - led us all the back up to the cemetary road again - not a million miles away from the check.

Up into the cemetry and up Devil's Peak and Gough Battery.

Along some of the Wilson trail then up and over the next peak Chiu Keng Wan Shan with a detour off the path to crawl through the tunnel.

Down across O King Road then onto Pik Wan Road and on home.

Great run from the hare who volunteered to set it while on his visa run from China

Showers then on to the bash at a nearby Chinese restaurant.

The down downs by Indy Anus with guest appearances by Any Dick'll Do and Master Wanker

The hare lost the flour and chalk in the shiggy - the flour was found at the bins

The Tunnel and all those whose didn't do it 'cos the on on was called along the path

Ninja Winja shoving past on the shiggy

Family resemblance HP Salsa and Ian, Ashole and Shut the F**k Up

Non finishers - HP Salsa turned back 'cos it was a bit slippery in the Lei Yue Mun fish market

Ashole - still no torch after 5 runs

Indy - fretting about Lost at Sea on the run - he was ahead...

Something to do with a fixation for a big red torch left at last weeks run

Indy - batteries not required now that Lost at Sea is based in HK

Maggie Motormouth brought her own food to the restaurant

Master Wanker wondered if she was losing weight or whether is was that her breasts were getting bigger

Returnees - Any Dick'll Do, Ashhole, Master Wanker, Faster Pussy

Ninja Winja - flooded the floor with a shower with no showerhead

All the British - of 10 of them only one voted, Faster Pussy got her parents to vote for her, and Anal Invitation pleaded Manxman status

Virgin Mary - FRB and went to the restaurant to make a booking before the rest of the pack arrived

Piss Perfect - repeat down down for changing in the MacDonalds storeroom last week and scaring the staff

Lost at Sea got through the run okay then got lost as soon as he hit the on-home

Any DIck'll Do gave a Lost at Sea a private tour round her school

Lost at Sea was only there for the school girl uniform fetish

Faster Pussy did a 250km Racing the Planet Australia run last week then missed the Free China Hash 'cos her feet were knackered

Anal Invitation something about not being svelte enough to go under a fence

Any Dick'll Do then gave a lengthy down down to Indy for the time she produced a rusting vibrator at a hash on-on sitting next to flatmate Wanchai Wanker's visiting father. He had been assured that the hash was a reasonably civilized affair…

On on on to the Old China Hand

Yau Tong