LSW 1732 Wednesday 5th may


Chung Chau

Hares - Shegar & Hopeless

It was unfortunate that today being Cinco de Mayo, I was unable to put on a Mexican themed LSW hash for you guys. But I think that Boilers and Hopeless did a good job of putting together a nice island run on Cheung Chau.

Choices of a fast or a slow boat allowed us to pay more or less for the journey. I believe the slow boat even had a first class option, but being the ordinary hasher that I am I booked an ordinary class ticket for my passage. It was advertised that either boat would get you there on time, but as at least one hasher found out, a slow boat leaving at ten to seven definitely won't get you there in time.

Changing rooms are the Mc Donald's toilet of which the men's was closed due maintenance and locked. An undeterred Piss-Perfect used the unlocked storeroom and shocked the poor employee who had to open the door to get something.

A was a convenient few meters away after disembarking on a pier. As both the fast and slow boats came in, the pack huddled for the briefing. Most important point is that this isn't your usual Cheung Chau hash. Start thinking it is and you'll be lost in a hurry.

And off we went. To the beach on the backside of the island and our first check of what would be many. Just enough checks and CBs mixed with a dash of confusion allowed me to run with the pack most of the way.

Not much shiggy at first, but we had this really nice hidden stream with a bunch of mud and poor Hickey Slut stuck her brand new shoes right into it. This was followed by a loud "Oh %^&$". Worked out really well as I knew exactly where not to step with my old trainers.

We came upon a sports center complete with a track of which our trail proceeded on. I thought that Denvy really didn't trust us as she took her bag with her for the run. But it turns out her bag is filled with heavy bags of rice and she is training for a leisurely summer stroll through the Gobi desert.

Now to the darker side of the island and some paths by the water where I had my one moment of glory. As the pack picked up pace and started leaving me farther and farther behind. But wait a CB. I yelled "Check Back" and the stunned pack stopped in their tracks in disbelief. As they made their way back Dr. Evil (little) mentioned that he did see the marking but was running at such velocity that he couldn't read it. Sometimes it pays to be the tortoise.

At the R split I found myself "all by myself". The trail went up peak Road to what I am guessing is the highest parts of Cheung Chau. This followed by a nice set of shiggy that eventually dumped us on the main road back along the coast to A. My complements to the hares for a very enjoyable run.

A couple of hashers put their own twist on things. Bite'n'Suck arrived very early and claimed to have done it before everyone else but left me unconvinced. And then I believe Motormouth ran to the nearest toilets, had a wee and came back to A. To each there own I say.

Proper showers and changing facilities were found at the nearby beach and Hopeless laid down trail to the food. Being Lost in Space, I do get lost often but finding food I am usually good at. not this time. While in deep discussion with Macau Drunk and Buttfan on the subject of dogs marking their territories - as we watched one particular dog in action pissing on everything in sight - we completely lost trail to the food and had to go back to A and start over.

A nice Thai dinner with Mexican beer, and Buttfan even allowing me to share in some vegetarian dished provided I used utensils that had not come within ten yards of a meat dish. There was also one tense moment as she became convinced that some chilies were really baby prawns.

And now, on over to Indy Anus for the down downs…

Cheung Chau



The Hares - Boilers and Hopeless! Great run… loads of check-backs to keep the pack together and guessing..

The Hares - Boilers?? What happened to the promised junk?…. public ferry to Cheng Chau? Not the LSW usual yuppy style…..

Boilers - i/c restaurants…. only to find both 'chosen ones' were closed

Boilers - got the name of the bash Thai restaurant from some local who was walking past…… luckily good food so all forgiven!

Lost in Alaska - it's Cinquo de Mayo… what happened to our Mexican run? At least we get to drink Mexican beer…..

Boilers - needs to get to know the LSW runners….. Claudia (Crème Brulee) known to him as Claudine?

Crème Brulee - exciting Boilers by speaking French to him…. he was sure she had said 'Voleux vous couche avec moi, c'est soir?'

Ian - Had pricked his ears? up at hearing that? Had thought he was the lucky one as he sat there salivating?????

Ian - also confused about names/nationalities… when discussing who was still at the showers?… some German fraulein! Wrong……. turned out to be our Russian Ivana Nucok……. time for 'show and tell!'

Piss Perfect - (in absentia…. look alike Lost In Alaska!) looking for change rooms at Macca's….; Males' closed so used the storeroom! What a shock the young manager got when he opened that door and found PP 'starkas' in his birthday suit!!!!!

Lost In Alaska - a dozen torches were well down the steps and the coastline path in front of LIA when he spots the checkback!……. Ahhhh!! The eagle eye of the high=altitude flyer!

Ian - going back up the steps in front from the turnaround… not comfy without the gang to lead the way… crawling like a snail and looking backwards!!

Denver Ho - out on the run with a backpack full of ? Some said balloons? Some said rocks? Some said her dog?……. Why? watch this space….

Ivana Nucok - full of energy after her weekend away in KL… welcome back to LSW!!!!!

Matching shirts - Hash Challenge in KL…. Ivana, Indy… in absentia - Catch of the Day, Chatroom and Winnebago!

Ivana Nucok - most exciting and memorable part of the 45 km 'hill-ridden death march' (for Indy) was when she got a mouthful of water and 'spewed' it all over Indy's head and neck!! At that stage better than…… ???

Buttfan - (as she ran out the door)…… doing the half-marathon of the Great Wall of China on the weekend….. (altho registered for the big M!)

Late arrivals - Bondie/Chris

Late arrival at the bash - Chris… stand up and drink!

Hopeless - went back out there on the trail looking for him….. even tho paths did not cross!

Boilers - not going out to look for Chris… NO speeches about restaurant hunting!

Early arrivals - Bite and Suck 40 mins early, gets a headstart, so she could start off early on the wimps trail and then arrive back with the Rambos!

FFFM - competition on the hash….. says to Crème Brulee that she would have beaten her in… if she had not stopped to look at sandals!

Shopping on the hash - Ivana desperately wants 'thongs' but 2 for $75… who wants to buy the other pair? CB and FFFM rush back to the shops faster than they had on the run!!

FFFM - ahead on the shiggy trail but too worried about spiders so calls for anyone to go in front!

Ivana/Torsten - the dynamic combination of the West German and the Russian agree to set run together… Checkhole Charlie!!

Ian - says to Hicky Slut… 'Ah! Here we are together at the back again!'…. to which she took one look at him and legged it!!!

Hopeless - on pier after hashers off! Sees these seedy- looking guys checking the bags out so being territorial he puts them all together so these 'Down-and - Outs' won't abscond with them…. next thing they step onto the Marine Police Launch!!!!

Hicky Slut - new running shoes… drink!

Hicky Slut - made it obvious shoes were new by saying 'Buggar! Got mud on my new shoes!! DDrrrr???'

Macau Drunk - outside his comfort zone on Cheung Chau!… can't find his way around…… Lamma SO much better!….. hence he rushes back to his 'safe island' , just as the Down-Down's started….

Dr Evil - Competition on the hash!! Ahead of pack with Castrato….. says to Castrato! 'Let's hide behind the bushes so the pack won't see where we are and short-cut!'

Dr Evil - 'Hashers!! They are all like sheeps'!!!

Hicky Slut - putting phallic rock photo on Facebook! After that zillions of replies all in Tagalog!….. Lost In Alaska, would love to know what they were all saying!