LSW 1731 Wednesday 28th April



Discovery Bay

Hares : Indy & Priscilla

The Run

"So where are the hares?"………

"Indy is in Park n Shop, Priscilla is out with clients, seems she had to relay part of the run they set last night" says Bite 'n' Suck.

Well an ANZAC day run for LSWH3 wouldn't be the same if everything was going smoothly. So once the drinks were brought over to the top of the escalators, and the 18:30 ferry'ers arrived, off we went back towards the ferry pier. Some headless running saw us miss the arrow down to the waterfront and then a winding route through lower Costa and a Check that took us up towards Costa Court. Onto "Serene" with Hopeless and Piss Perfect leading the way.

But a CB brought us back to the main road, and past the tennis courts, onto the seafront. Some more confusion before finally taking the "standard route" across the beach, to Seabee Lane. Another CB, back up Headland Drive, where Dr. Evil disappeared to add on an extra 2km to the night's run…….

Another CB in the cul-de-sac of Parkland Drive detached Hopeless, Chatroom Pedophile and Piss Perfect as the rest of the pack headed back to Discovery Bay road and THOSE steps up. Whoever "designed" those stupid plastic monstrosities needs shooting. As usual "man made steps" on trail in HK had varying heights, but I've never seen such "tall" steps. Anyone who is "height challenged" would have struggled to get up to the trig point at the top.

By now Denvy and Lemon Drop (dog) were probably powering forward as the rough trail saw the pack string out over a good 500+ metres. From the trig point it was basically "On Home" with the standard route home - onto the road, left turn into the shaggy trail, out at Woodland Court, down the hill, main road, tennis courts, into the plaza and back up the escalator.

Just under 8km and over an hour for the Hopeless, add another 2km and 30 minutes for the bumbling Dr. Evil! Good run.

 Disco Bay 100428 7.81km 63mins

The Down Downs
by Piss Perfect and Chatroom Pedophile. A selection below:

The hares - Indy & Priscilla.

The helper and food lady - Buttfan (Ash Hole acted a proxy DD drinker).

Macau Drunk - claiming the run was too short.

F3M - feeding Lemon Drop a pork chop.

Bite 'n' Suck - "I would have eaten that!".

Ian - new runner, experiencing hyperventilation on the trail.

Crème Brûlée - prefers to run behind Swine Sucker "as he's got a nice butt".

Hopeless - got to the bottom of his running gear drawer to pull out camo gear for the ANZAC Day run.

Parky - hat makes him look more like Gilligan than an Aussie.

Hickey Slut - wonderful skiing holiday but she's scared of the Chair Lift.

All the DB residents - living in Stepford.

Hares - chalking from the entrance to the ferry instead of the exit.

Bitch Club - Buttfan and Denver Ho.

Non-runners - Grace, SoFS and Park n Shop.

Irish Spew lookalike - Macau Drunk - to Ian - "Hard The Fcuk Up and haul your ass up the hill!".

F3M - writing love notes on trail.

STFU - Talking about Hopeless at the DB Ferry Pier without realizing he was behind him.

Chatroom Pedophile - too busy at work, plus being in China = no Facebook updates!

Park n Shop - knee surgery.

Hash Crash - HP Salsa.

The Song was sung by the Hares, and the Stepford residents.