LSW 1728 Wednesday 7th April


Sai Ying Pun

We gathered at the Rose Lane Children's Playground. Little did I suspect that I would be doing the write-up so I paid little attention either then or at any point in the run. Wobbled through the entire thing in a dreamy haze which is why the rest of this may be a little blonde.

We sort of bounded off through some backstreets until I saw a place I recognized. Pok Fu Lam Road. Not even I can get that wrong. Lots of funny little checks to confuse us resulted in lots of messing about in the University of Hong Kong. But it was all subterfuge! We kept on and on and up and up to the petrol station on the right hand side of the of road. Aha! An off trail bit! Up some stairs to a check-back at the University of Hong Kong Maden Wing. Down to the road and the last on-on. Back up the hill again. No trail. Back to the on-on. Back up the hill. Back down. Back up. Still no banana. Hmmm... Back to the last on-on. Ignore it. Run back through it and down the road. Finally we found real trail going up into the hills. Hmmm.... standards of marking are slipping.

Now what exactly happened after that? Well there were lots of hills and trails and I sort of feel we were probably running south round the contours of the Peak. There were some trees and then when there weren't trees there were some lovely views off to the right. It was all very pretty and very pleasant trail running and I was glad I had taken the Rambos. I saw a Wimps split but it looked a bit short. And I was thinking about that and about perhaps I would see a porcupine. And they say there are boars around but I'm not sure there can be that many on Hong Kong Island. And isn't there a lot of this trail stuff. Ooo there's a check - let's go up this hill on the left. What a lot of stairs. But the Peak is only about 350m so I guess no matter where you start you can never go up more than about .... oh I don't know... how many stairs are there per meter? Maybe four or five. That would make... And such was my rambling thought pattern that I had no idea what was going on until I found myself looking at High West.

So jolted into reality I ran along Harlech Road to the junction with Peak Trail. Obviously Dr Doom had been jolted into some kind of alternative reality since I met him running backwards the opposite way. At the junction we found a SR split. Oh a scenic rambos! That sounds nice! Hickey Slut and Butt Fahn corrected me - Super Rambos - and since we were not feeling too super we snuck off down Hatton Road. Despite their protestations that all the routes here were the same I ignored them and checked out a route to the left. It went down and then round and round lots of bits and was most definitely not the same route as Hatton Road. Then there were a bunch of bunkers you had to run through and then round and down into the city. Finally we arrived back at the start and were off to hot singing showers courtesy of a rather nice shower keeper who kept them open late for us. And lashings of ginger beer were had by all.

Down downs administered by the dynamic duo - Any Dick'll Do and Butt Fahn.

Macau Drunk - for having a gay moment in the showers with a bottle of moisturising gel.

Hares - for being rubbish at setting check-backs.

Co-hare - for being a super good co-hare.

Hares - for a good and happy run.

Octopussy - for wearing a backpack and doing the Rambos.

Dr Doom - for leading Butt Fahn astray. It's not difficult!

Any Dick'll Do - for needing a 13 hour sleep after a 6 hour Champagne session.

Hares - their arrows are too acute!

Castrato - for forcing his employees to go on the Wanchai hash and break their feet.

Motormouth - for taking the ladies hash on a three hour trail.

Any Dick'll Do - for letting her cats play with her hampster. Again.

Dr Doom - for being all caring and cuddly with G String.

Denvy Lo - for being a Denvy Ho.

Denvy Lo - for wearing a DLINKED MO**ERF**KERS hat.

Sai Ying Pun