LSW 1727 Wednesday 31st March



Hares : Bondi Barbie & Toilet Spray

The Run

Dateline : HK/Aberdeen/18:00 - phone call -Hopeless à Bondi Barbie "Hi mate, I've arrived early, need a hand with anything?". "Ah, shit, Hopeless", (sound of rustling bushes and sliding feet), "ergh, right, yes, I'm still out setting, might take me an hour or a little more, can you get some water for the pack and hold the fort until we get there……………..?".

A pack of around 20 had gathered by the time our flour and chalk coated hares, Bondi Barbie, with his fetching sidekick, Ms. Toilet Spray, arrived to the run site at the bottom of Aberdeen Reservoir Road. Bondi then proceeded to draw about 25 hash "signs" along the length of the park to aid him in his briefing of the forthcoming runs.

"2 Wimp/Rambo splits. On one of them you'll find a rubber mat with a squiggle chalk line showing a shimmy in the route to go up the mountain. If you don't fancy that, hit the main trail instead and find your own way back to the Wimps".

Ergh. Right. Yes. Clear as the dense foliage we were to encounter a little bit later.

So off we all went, late arrivals pouring in as we headed off past the Thai Restaurant where some people taking a wrong turn, following LH4 chalk markings from the night before. "A less challenging run than tonight" as our visitor from Canada, Shakesbeer, was heard to say on her return.

So along Aberdeen Praya Road on the way to Wong Chuck Hang Road where the first split was encountered, Wimps left up the hill, Rambos cutting in to Yip Kan Street, and then a sneaky CB on Ocean Park slip road, to take us into the stream bed. Another CB caught the Rambos again as Inflate-A-Date, Any Dick Will Do and Buttfan finally found the flour up the shaggy trail. A steep 280 metre elevation climb followed, with Shakesbeer also in the leading group, we crested the top, and down, down, down back to sea level through the undergrowth and trees with STFU turning on the speed on the downhill section.

Rejoin the Wimps, for a short contour and then the Rambos had a set of steps and back down into another stream bed before coming out at the dam to join the Wimps for the 2nd time. Three way Check took us left down the stairs and the long section back into Aberdeen Country Park BBQ area, and then the long sprint down to the finish.

Very well marked run, and the rubber mat was there as advised!

 Aberdeen 100331 7.42km 70mins