LSW 1725 Wednesday 17th March


Yung Shue Wan, Lamma

What a restful relief from the hustle and bustle of the MTR. A nice quiet ferry ride to the beautiful and tranquil island of Lamma. We gathered at the library next to the pier, changing into our neon running gear and disturbing the peaceful hippies wandering around in their kaftans. The hare warned us about some of the markings,

"Err they were set by my daughter."

And off we went. Out of Yung Shue Wan north along the shore and up into the fishermans village. Weird splodges of flour the size of small sandcastles interspersed with chalk pictures of birds, dogs with five legs and flowers. Lilly had been hard at work!

A check and up past Macau Drunk's house in Po Wah Yuen. Up to the top of the hill and then right down into Yung Shue Long New Village and over to the famous singing ashrams of Tai Peng. A little bit of confusion caused by a check at the sitting out area and then we were off down the path towards the Fire Station, the chanting fading in the distance. On the way to Hung Shing Yeh, we assumed, until we hit a check back. So back to the Fire Station and down the hill into Yung Shue Long Old village. Again another check and up through someone's pad over to the basketball pitch. The scene was freaky, the dharma was good!

Flower power kicked in and we were off up the hill towards Granny Chan's. We sped along the road like a far out wave of psychedelic threads until we hit a checkback and had to retreat back to the path up to the helicopter pad. Up the hill, over the cable path and then up to the top of the hill overlooking the wind turbine. Down to the turbine at which point we found the Rambo/Wimp split. Rambos off along snake path and wimps down to the right and back to Yung Shue Wan.

We were well and truly in the countryside now. The Rambos ran along snake path, up and down hill and dale, a good long fast run. We emerged at the Youth Hostel and it was right down the hill past the reservoir and down to the coastal path. Then right on the path and along the coast through Hung Shing Yeh, past the police station and back to Yung Shue Wan.

A fine run. Rambos was about 7 Km and wimps was very wimpy at about 4 Km.

Down downs...

Swinesucker and Sarah for delegating the hareing to their children.

Hannah - soft-drink-and-chips-out-of-bath-bucket-down-down. Because he can!

Inflatadate - for inventing the soft-drink-and-chips-out-of-bath-bucket-down-down.

Dr Evil, Inflatadate, Macau Drunk - for having a bath-bucket.

Yummy Mummy - for borrowing showers on the Free China.

Dr Evil - for getting confused between the ferry for the China and the ferry for Lamma.

Paul & Cheezy Clit - for failing to run.

Macau Drunk, Dr Evil, Hit Man (Liberachi lookalike), Castrato (Phillipe lookalike) - for haring the Free China.

Dr Evil, Motormouth, Sarah, Hit Man, Macau Drunk - for beeing suitably Irish on St Patrick's Day.

Sarah - for having a job.

Brave Fart - for being allowed out on a hash night - but only because his wife is spying on him from a nearby window.

Cathy - lives on Lamma. Got lost in Yung Shue Wan!

Hit Man - for having invested over 10,000 euros in his stomach.

Inflatadate & Dr Evil - for coming in 1st (what both of them?). Boxer hash DD.

Hit Man - for having six inches of wood in front of him.

Inflatdate - the most fun he has is in the library!

Virgin Mary - floored by the revelation that Dr Evil is a member of the HK Yacht Club.

Castrato - 1st visit to China leaving wife to look after kids.

Cathy - saw Castrato's wife hanging out at the bars while he was away.

Motormouth - for being a Free China hanger on.

Dr Evil - for making Mimi break her leg.

Dr Evil - for making Mimi tear her muscles.

Dr Evil - for making Mimi break her hip.

Dr Evil & Inflatadate - Mimi should "harden the fuck up".

Bravefart - for putting on weight.

Macau Drunk - for being 50. Asked if we was going to have a birthday meal said, only if he cooked it himself.

Dr Evil - 125 runs - Boxer Style.

Yummy Mummy - 25 runs. She can have that one again next week because she didn't actually run.

Yummy Mummmmmmmy - knitting on the hash.

Macau Drunk - for wearing a pink tutu. No tutus on the hash!