LSW 1720 Wednesday 10th February


Chai Wan

Hares - Italian (Hand) Job & Dave Cooper

This is the trail write-up for 1720 in Chai Wan, Park n shop didn't do the whole trail so she doesn't know.

The trail headed up out from Chai Wan station up towards the Hing Wah estate where there was an early Wimp/Rambo split. The Wimps course headed up towards the muslim cemetery until the runners were met by a check back. They headed back to the check and found the trail which went further up through the estate and on the catchwater at the back of Chai Wan.

The Rambos took a quick right-hand turn off the Wimps and headed up the main road towards Heng Fa Chuen. After a sneaky check back which nearly all the runners fell for, they headed back up the steep steps to an open check near the Hing Man estate. The trail took them further up again on to the catchwater which took them to a service reservoir where they headed down a shiggy trail until they met up with the Wimps.

The catchwater headed around towards Tai Tam Gap and the infamous Nurse Fucker tunnel. Being full of freezing water the runners were spared the tunnel and sent up another shiggy trail to Tai Tam Gap road.

Up past the Prison and on to the Hong Kong trail where the pack split again. The Wimps followed the Hong Kong trail stage 8 overlooking the cemetery round to Pottinger Gap and the Rambos took to the treacherous slopes of Mount Collinson. The ascent wasn't too bad but the downhill was very taxing. Needless to say, there may have been a few well deserved has crashes - Thermal Dick!!!!

Both trails met again at Pottinger Gap. We're off to Shek O they all thought. So Chatroom had the enjoyment of doing the 400 metre dead end T trail down towards Big Wave Bay. We knew someone would fall for it.

Once they worked it out the pack continued along the contour path round Pottinger Peak to Sui Sai Wan. Down the five hundred steps to Cape Collinson Road and down down down to Chai Wan park.

Wimps in first at 1hr 45mins, with the first Rambos not long afterwards.

Over to Park n Shop for the down-down write-up (not)

Ninja Winja née Dave Cooper


With dawn fast approaching, Indyanus started the down-downs

The Hares - good trail and warning of slippery second Rambo descent

Thermal Dick - slippery second Rambo descent victim

The Hares - 4 'On Homes' to keep the pack frenzied in their anticipation of cold lager

The Hares - causing anxiety by warning the pack of the need for fresh spare batteries for the run

Anal Invitation - in spite of said warning, invited a first time runner along without mention of a torch

Hash Ash - virgin & slippery second Rambo descenter in the dark

Virgin Mary - opened B before the run and thought it was a trick as it said Chai Wan not Shek O

Octopussy - late to the start, seen running in the wrong direction on the overhead walkway

Motormouth - also late, having phoned PnS from Mongkok for directions having got on the wrong train

Macau Drunk - for suggesting the correct thing to have said was Mongkok Exit D follow the chalk

Virgin Mary - donned the lipstick at the start of the run expecting possible action

Thermal Dick - ran through the CB on Cape Collinson Rd. missing the 500 step turn off

Indyanus - missed the huge T that was subsequently on the road to stop people missing the 500 step turn off

Park n'Shop - for using all her chalk drawing that T

Octopussy - wondered why Anal Invitation was drinking pints of cold Tetley's 'tea'

Anal Invitation - getting Octopussy and Toilet Spray mixed up (probably 'cos of his Tetley's 'tea')

Tequela Sunrise - Visitor from Singapore Seletar Hash (Nurse Fcuker's hang out)

Piss Perfect - Seletar Hash t-shirt & never been to the place

Priscilla - perving over the beer pixie's white thigh-high boots

Anal Invitation - going to Shanghai to seek prospective parents-in-law's permission, which had better be forthcoming because nuptials are already in the advanced planning stage

Bobbledick - sporting a fetching chancre on his shaven wrist

Indyanus - has a matching one on her leg

Motormouth - thought the the noise level at the restaurant was a bit loud, a view shared by the other 400 punters in the place

Macau Drunk - tried to get Indy to eat the prawns by telling her that they were ocker tucker whitchetty grubs

Priscilla - checked if Indy could remember post Free China Hash Saturday night - which she could - including his attempted frottage with some hapless harriette. He then promptly claimed amnesia

Thermal Dick - a bit subdued after the run because his downhill exploits meant he didn't 'win' the hash

Castrato - has taken on a personal trainer so he can 'win' the hash. Got over exerted earlier in the week and had to do the wimps

Piss Perfect - desperately trying to coin a hashname for hare Dave and getting pilloried for his attempts

HP Salsa - narrowly avoided a virgin down-down as he's been to half the LSW runs in the last 4 months

Indy & PnS - for their power of observation

Park n Shop - left Parkie at home with his norovirus (probably passed on courtesy of her charges at school)

Priscilla - 100 runs

Mr. Nips, Secret Samurai, Turd Whisperer, Come Bucket, Tokyo Rose, TFS, Konichi Wanker, Ninja Winja - and the winner is - Ninja Winja

 Chai Wan 10km 1hr45mins