LSW 1719 Wednesday 3rd February


Caine Road Garden

Hares: Dr. Evil, Hickey Slut, Verbal Diarrhoea, Melamine Girl

It's no what you expect was the phrase on the email. That left us all wondering where on earth are we gonna get sent - urban run, craggy high west, who knows?

With that said, we all set off up Kotewall Rd. in the direction of the University. The trail and the extra long on on took us round the contour path in the direction of queen Mary where we were to meet our first challenge. A fully locked barbed wire gate leading to a treacherous navigation of a concreted landslide. 'Well the gate was open when I reccied it' was the classic excuse from the hare. Needless to say we all scrambled over the gate slicing ourselves and severing several arteries on the barbed wire which the heartless hares had not thought about. It was really gory.

After leaving some members of the pack to bleed to death at the barbed wire gate we passed the landslide and the next check offered us two choices: carry on to Queen Mary (useful for those still reeling from the gate wounds) or up the steady inclined trail towards the Hong Kong trail and High West. The latter of which it was. (Sorry guys those with severed arteries could bleed to death slowly).

We then went around the countour path and made our way back up to the view point on the Hong Kong trail but didn't start ascending high west. The whole pack went back up to Harlech road and the morning trail where we found the rambos / wimps split.

Wimps headed back down the morning trail towards the A again and the rambos headed up over the Governor's path. At this point Hopeless was well out up front until he came to a an obvious T on the footpath and started to head back, where he met the next runners.

Insistent that the trail went off down a side road, he dragged four gullible runners including yours truly 500 m downhill until there was no more trail. We headed back up the steep path back to the T just to find that said runner had also missed the just as obvious arrow sending the trail on a diversionary route through the park and back down towards the peak tram. Needless to say someone spat their dummy out.

Round the back of the peak back to Harlech road, joining the wimps and down the morning path and on in.

Followed by some very suspiciously CHINESE looking and especially fatty 'THAI FOOD' and we song the bloody song .

It was a good run and was well put together. With four hares they couldn't really get it wrong.

Cheers guys.

Down downs

Hares - four hares for a run in central?

Dr. Evil - for running with the pack so they didn't get lost.

Hickey Slut - music, piano, harp, whatever path?

Indy - went wrong way

Park n shop - slower than Motormouth - come on maggie!

Turtles - anyone who was running as slow as a turtle.

Bite n suck - for confusing the pack.

Virgin Mary - open your eyes and look at the trail.

Florenda - squealing like a pig.

Boilers and florenda - for not communicating with each other in all walks of life. \

Hares - the barbed wire gate was closed.

Buttfan & Presilla - for doing the wimps

Visitors - for visiting.

Returnees - can't remember who!

Visitors - Turtle and biggles for coming on a hash during a romantic meeting in HK.

Presilla - tea down down for trying to steal beer.

Turtle & Biggles - for being a happy couple with body language to show for it.

Mountain marathon guys - for being crazy.

Rowena - for doing a personal worst on mountain marathon.

DB people - for just being losers and living in DB.

INDY - for getting no presents from boyfriend.

Buttfan - for geting presents from indy's boyfriend.

Presilla - for getting presents from Indy's boyfriend.

Macau drunk - for receiving Indy;s boyfriend's 30 year old cigar.

INDY - for being a loser because she didn't get any presents from boyfriend.

Bite n suck - shenzen video mafia.

Indy- for talking to stuart on the phone during down downs

Hares - for losing wanchai wanker on the trail.

Hares - not enough beer at the finish

Hopeless - for spitting his dummy.

Paraders - Parky and Presilla for parading suits on a hash.

Motormouth for doing all last week's hashes in the same area.


 Caine Road 11.81km Rambos 7.79km Wimps 91mins