LSW 1718 - Discovery Bay

Hares - Priscilla, Indy Anus & Lost at Sea

I cannot recall the last time I did the LSW pre-run write up. That means the Hare raiser got it on the dot that I have not been haring in awhile. I guess I can stay out of the radar most of the time, but not all the time. Hence I find myself convincing my officemate, the yet unnamed Pablo to leave the office at exactly 18:10 and catch the 'you will be screwed if you don't catch' the 18:30 ferry to Discovery Bay.

From the DB pier, it was a march towards the kaido ferry spot where a large handful of early comers have gathered their bags and look ready to run. The Hares were fully prepared with cold beers while Indy Anus was proudly announcing to everyone that she convinced Lost at Sea to do a 'virgin' haring on only his 2nd ever run at LSW. She assured him that he won't get lost this time.

Poor Unnamed Pablo, got lost though, at the ferry pier and was seen catching up and changing quickly.

After an elaborate briefing from Priscilla complete with a technical sketch and scaled chalk map (1:1000m) of the various splits - the pack was set off in the same direction where we came from.

Just 100 meters off the start is the first split - so it was hard to justify taking the Wimps - so there I was huffing and puffing with the Rambos onto this steep, steep road that went on forever and ever thereafter

It flattened out a bit just below the golf course where the familiar territory of trails gave me some nostalgic memories of my crazy mountain biking days (circa 2000) where I would drag this 37 pound downhill bike up this track. It hasn't changed a bit - same old technical rocks and roots that used to intimidate and irritate me to push my bike 80% of the way. In a way, it was bike carrying - up a mountain of course. Therefore... it's still considered mountain biking.

Geez - how could I have ridden these trails - when in fact I can't even run it now. The pack slowly and slowly pulled away. I could see their torches following the uphill route - while I became even more unconfident of the trail. I could hear their faint cries but soon enough I was one hill behind everyone.

After several ups and downs and a final a vertical bumslide on a downhill slope, I saw the 2nd split which gave me renewed spirit to catch up. There again appeared the thousands of steps where I used to carry my bike up from Mui Wo - and all the hikers were encouraging us to push on. I bet these steps were the reason why I finally threw in the towel and decided to sell all my bikes.

It felt more like weightlifting rather than pedalling at that time.... I finally gave up the company of youthful muscular men.... so now I could enjoy the stride of running down these tiny tiny steps with a different kind of men. Therefore - still men.

Upon reaching the concrete path, the Rambos rejoined and it was a 1.5KM sprint to the finish in Mui Wo.

Everyone seemed fine and content. Except for Anal Invitation who un-deliberately took an extra Wimps loop up the same steps where I was reminiscing about my biking days. He was, after all carrying the same extra 37 pounds uphill - kudos to him for losing half the flab (it was 74 lbs. upon his return from the UK)!

Well done to him and to the hares.

I did hear that the unnamed Pablo came in first beating the usual FRB's of Hannah Montana, Chatroom & Dr. Evil. Age before beauty....!


Down downs courtesy of Chatroom Paedophile: (Beer Amah: Hilton)

Hares Priscilla, Indy Anus and Lost at Sea took the intial drinks...... though the run briefing was so long that 2 very bored hashers, Hannah Montana and Inflate a Date started prematurely.

There was a re-enactment of the Clear Water Bay chase wherein Buttfaan/Hopeless & The Bastard did the tortoise and the hare speeds.

Motormouth for creating a record turnout at last week's run, and Bobbledick for warning her to shut up or he will move on to the other table.

Dr. Evil had to christen his new shoes (handcarried by Inflate a Date from the US)... next time, it will be Hopeless'/FFFM's turn.

Priscilla for dictating a 'no garlic' menu and delegating all the Hares' duties to the innocent Lost at Sea (who, of course, willingly obliged).

Anal Invitation for mistakingly thinking that Discovery Bay is Park Island and of course, the other Aussies Bite N' Suck and visitor Verbal Diarrhea who is here for 2 weeks. No wonder B'n'S always has a toothy smile these days.

On on to the 22:30 ferry back to Central.