LSW 1717 Wednesday 20th January


Taikoo Shing

Upon my return from Chrissy/NY hols, I had asked Motormouth if she would set a LSW run as there was a 'vacancy' in the hareline.... and she had not set a LSW run since Christmas the previous year when she 'co-hared' with Gunpowder Plod... But the definition of 'co-hare' for that run was for both of them to set a different run in the same area! Time to get out there and practice again!!!

After 2 secs reflection MM said to me 'But where on earth would I set it?' Well since MM has been hashing for longer than the founder of hashing, Gispbert himself, I did not think there was a need to answer that question..... but then I did remember her Park Island run lasting for 20 mins, so I did reply 'Well somewhere that you could get a decent run in of about 60 mins..... After all it is the return LSW run for Str@pon Sally and hubby.... er Not Important.... so your run is an er... 'Important one'.... !

The next week at LSW, Bite and Suck was also on MM's case. 'Hey MM! Hope it's a good run... not for my sake of course... cause I am happy to walk/run around Jaffe/Lockhart Rd a few times... but Hey! SOS is town, remember!'.. So with a beaming smile MM announced the run was at Tai Koo... for me I had no idea what would transpire from there… not knowing that area, or so I thought!....

Anyway, I guess a lot of LSWer's were curious to find out about the MM Extraordinaire run (with Nose Vibrator 'volunteering' her services as co-hare), as there was a record turnout of approx 40 hashers!! Or was the real reason for the record attendance the revisit from the Antipodes of SOS and NI ???.. .And yes, it was terrific indeed to see SOS and NI back on HK soil with Not Important looking very athletic having shed a mere 10lbs in his absence from the HK lifestyle….. although it was noted that NI did not do the run, leaving that to SOS, claiming he had already jumped off a mountain that day with his 20 kg pack......

So the run.... the pack sprinted off down Pan Hoi St, to King's Rd, hit a check which divided the group in different directions.... the 'real' hashers going back to the check and searching for the chalk from there... the front staying on the hilly side and getting off to an early SC start!... Once the trail was found, it was up Mt Parker Rd, and then up up and up loads of steps, steps and steps, past the Tin Hau Goddess and then mercifully onto the Lady Clementi Trail with its winding trail that always fun to run on! I came across @nal Retreat at that stage and then with Priscilla nipping at my heels before he winged it past me, we carried on past a few checks until we got to one check that confused us completely!

With Priscilla in the lead we went in one direction off the check that led up steps and more steps and coming across 2 fresh blobs of flour we continued on altho even my 6th sense told us we were going no-where that lead to any-where..... Yep!. With our suspicions confirmed at the top of that trail with no flour in sight we flew back down the steps to look at that dastardly check again... to find that if we had had our glasses intact we would have noted that trail had been marked off!!!

But the best thing was it had sucked in a few others too... notably P Perfect who had followed our calls... so it was indeed the blind leading the blind! Who ever said the hash was anymore than a bunch of sheep! Baa Baa!!

Moving on in the right direction this time we raced along the Tree walk, past some old WW2 Open Kitchens (according to the hare that is!) onto Korn Hill and to the well-known catchwater at the back of Quarry Bay. Then it was through the familiar streets and to the home park, which I then recognised as being the same park (but the opposite end!) which is used on a Quarry Bay run… but cause we exited at Tai Koo MTR, I had not realised we were in the locale!... Tricky heh!...

So back at the run site - everyone was full of congrats to MM and NV on setting an enjoyable trail... tho I was told later there was some loop laid by NV that was never found???

And then onto catching up briefly with SOS whilst she dabbed a few spots of water on herself to 'clean up' as she was then off to the airport in her hash gear to catch a 15 hr flight to Switzerland..... (luckily it would only be Not Important sitting next to her so no worries if a real shower was not to be found at the airport!!!!)

Strapon happily regaled stories of their life since moving to the picturesque countryside/ski area of Bright... I heard all about the joys of being gainfully employed (as opposed to being a Tai Tai!) in picking fruit (for her), the joys of cooking tarts with the freshly picked fruit (for him), the joys of eating the tarts freshly made (for her), the joys of going on camping trips in the 4 WD (for both), and the joys of skiing when not working in the cousin's ski hire shop and the joys of working at the shop when not skiing! 1 must admit to experiencing a tinge of envy with all their off piste activities except for the one trade-off in their newfound lifestyle! No hashing!!! On the plus side we can only hope that means we will see more of them in HK!!

And then onto the On On at the Indian Restaurant accompanied by Bubbleduck and PP, taking longer to get there than it did to do the actual trail!...... (cause of the old invisible markings!)….. But we were not the last ones to arrive as Parkie, also appeared late, not from the run but 'fresh' from his day of gainful employment!!!!.......

And after devouring the great Indian cuisine, it was On On and On for the diehards to the 'Brewery' for a farewell round courtesy of Gary Glitter who is now off to the delights of Austria (with his silver LSW goblet firmly in hand!!)

Taikoo 6.41km 44min