LSW 1716 - Quarry Bay

I was the first to arrive at the Healthy Village Playground which is part of the Healthy Village phase 1 near Healthy Street East which has it's very own McDonald's. Bite and Suck was second in but did not want to scout for toilets as it would require an uphill walk. Apparently quite a few hashers had trouble finding exit C as we usually use a different park for our Quarry Bay starts. So with some confusion hashers mostly came in slightly late for Hannah Montana's probable last haring with LSW.

The briefing was given and we were advised two RW splits with R12K and W9K. And then without foreplay or lubrication it was up a massive set of stairs that just didn't seem to end. This took us up to Tin Hau Temple Rd. where we transitioned to trail but kept heading up. I believe there was some checks in there but nothing too confusing. We did some horizontal trail after that. Since I didn't know I was scribing and with out a GPS map from out of town Hopeless I don't really know the name of the trails.

I hit the split going so far up, that I just had to continue the rest of the way. So to the top of the hill, down some good shiggy, and then some rocks on a riverbed. I ran into Winniebego and Hickey Slut at this point and the three of us negotiated our way up the river. Of course as soon as we hit a good trail they zoomed off as they do. But as we merged back with the wimps I had more company with Bite n' Suck and Hasher John. We were on a main road going downhill but made a right turn back on to trail. On this trail we hit the second RW split and I decided to take the R because it looked easier. Very rarely do I make a good decision but this time I was right on. My trail ended at the top of Braemar Hill Rd. and joined up with the W. Now I know I made the right decision because just behind me on the W trail was an astonished Hickey Slut, who was thoroughly befuddled as to how I had passed her. Seems the R trail was easier than the W trail. Nice one Hannah. So the two of us went downhill with John not to far behind on Braemar Hill Rd and Pak Fuk Rd. back to A. For me it was a great run with a good mixture of stairs, paths, roads, rocks, and shiggy.

But for some hashers not to good as they got lost, made frantic phone calls, and ended up being scolded by a taxi driver for running around in the middle of the night. Don't worry Toilet Spray, it's happened to all of us.

Over to Motormouth for the bash and down-downs.



Hannah Montana - 1. Great Run. 2.. Only set today and no reccying.

Visitors : Lost on the way Denis from Shanghai - wemt tp exit A for Quarry Bay Park.

Hannah Montana (hare) arrows on pavement for directions larger than the list of Japanese war Heroes.

Bite & Suck - complaining about directions of arrows - never needs to know them.

Bobbledick - late coming - flying past on rocks.

Visitor - Creme Brulee - lives here now an first time on LSW (almost).

Next weeks hare - for not doing the write up - indeed only did some of the run.

Bite & Suck - did Rambos last week and again tonight.

Denis - outsourcing IT things but skived off to go to the bash.

Hare HM - choose Vietnamese restaurant because of the price of beer 10 dollars for Tsing Tao. The usual Thai did not answer the phone so he had to go walkabout to find another place even better so MM babysat the bags.

Bite & Suck - refised to look for toilet because of uphill.

LSW has had 2 weeks attendance by 3 characters - Toilet Spray, Lavender and Esther - confused Indyanus becuase there are only two characters - Toilet Spray is Lavender.

Motormouth - on drugs at restaurant asking about anything of unimportance.

Virgin Mary - acting like mum to Motormouth. "Just eat it, just do it".

Macau Drunk - sometimes goes to the gym

Castrato - Back in the fold doing the attendance list.

The hare HM - Last hared run but persuaded to do another before he leaves end of March.

Macau Drunk - sometimes wears reading glasses

Bobbledick - something about Motormouth - cannot remember.

Bite & Suck - arrows on pavement.

Hannah Montana - again ----------- (how many cans were swallowed)??

Toilet Spray - getting lost and catching a taxi - the driver was so worried about her.

Castrato - berating with torch ????


Quarry Bay