LSW 1715 Wednesday 6th January


Hare - Da Hooded Claw & Groper

A pack of over 20 hashers turned up to Sitting Area of Tsim Sha Tsui in coolish winter evening. This is one of the most ill-fitting place for Hashing because we know there is no mountain and no hill in four directions. And what's more, Hash marking is easy to be looked over by evening rush of people. But Hare solved this problem by the method of "Treasure Hunt", my first time in LSWH.

This was "Social Run" so we had to make a small groups according to R/R, W/R, R/W, W/W (Hare said there is Two split.) After some dispute about making groups, each team consists of at least by 3 ppl were released to the hustle-bustle of TST East.

Treasure Hunt Section from Tsim Sha Tsui to Austin Station was just like seeing all the great sights of all over TST. Starting from Harbour Promenade and via Clock Tower, Star Ferry Terminal, Heritage 1881(Old marine police station), Beijin One(famous for food and scenery), Kowloon Park and to Austin Station. And then we bumped into the first Hash markings for the first time of 5km Treasure Hunting.

Soon we found R/W split, one to the big loop of West Kowloon Promenade and the other cuts short this 4km circle. Running West Kowloon Promenade was one and only place to run around T.S.T. Area. We could see the beautiful night scene of Central and CWB and enjoyed flat and nice jogging with fresh air.

After this Rambos, we came back again to Austin Station and were merged into Wimps. Both was heading for the north direction and reached Old town of Jordan. This place still had a look of old Hong Kong such as narrow back alley, small street shops, dai pai dong (street restaurant), and street girls....or ladies.

At 10km point passing this area, we sharply turn to the right and run pedestrian along Motorway with full of car lighting and exhaust. This was also one of typical scene of Hong Kong.

And we got second Split, one was going down to the tunnel crossing motorway and the other was going short cut to A (maybe). Rambos was on heading for Hong Kong Science Museum direction and finally back to Tsim Sha Tsui via Chatam Road South.

I GPS'd 12km. There was no hill but Good and Special Run!!

The Result of Treasre Hunt is

1. Team Green - 13pt
2. Anal Virgin in Space - 11pt
2. Haiporn Do - 11pt
2. The "Flour" Girls - 11pt
5. Hopeless - 10pt
5. Carol - 10pt
7. Fuck Off Nurse Fucker - 9.5pt
8. Stubborn Old Faufs - 9pt

DownDown (sorry but just a summary)

Hares - Setting run

Lost in Space, Virgin Mary and Anal Invitation - Getting McDs before DD

Hopeless - Not a team player

Bite and Suck - Doing first Rambos run ever

Hopeless and Macau Drunk - "How much?" to street girls

??? - "What's a hand job?" to Italian Hand Job

Nurse Fucker (many many DD) - Last run in HK

At last, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Nurse Fucker for giving us many Runs and DownDown Beers. And especially for me, naming good hash name.

The Treasure Hunt

Kowloon Backwash
A) Head to the Harbour Promenade and find the American coffee shop. You can find it near the hotel of the WORLD. Next to the coffee shop is a bar. What is the name of the bar and the price of a Corona?
2) __________

B) Who is the nearest STAR to the bar just mentioned?
3) __________. You may find it on the floor.

C) Next, The King of Martial Arts awaits you.
Who is the Malaysian Bond Girl next to him:
4) __________.

D) Run along the promenade to the cultural Ski Slope of TST. Find the entrance opposite the clock tower and peak through the door. Who opened the building and when?
5) ___________.

E) That which was originally called the Kowloon Ferry to Victoria is your next stop. Find the enquiry hotline telephone number.
6) ________. It is near the Wan Chai entrance.

F) Head round the back of the Culture Centre and down under the main road.

G) Take the left hand exit and head through to Hong Kong’s newest retail establishment with a numeric name. What is the number in the name?
7) ___________.

H) Follow the signs for Kowloon Park Drive and go to this building: ?????
What floor is the NO. 1 restaurant on? 8) _____________.

I) Over the road to the Langham Hotel, then head down the side street until you reach this Vietnamese Thoroughfare.
8)____________. (Name of Road).

J) Next stop you must go to the Lookout Tower in the park of the Nine Dragons.
9). ______ .(Name of Park).

K) Find the stairway down and head over the bridge over Canton road.

L) Allegro, Mini, Maestro, Montego and the Texan state capital are all connected to the name of your next station stop.
9) ____________ (Name of station). Head to it but be ready for the split before the subway.


L) This guy held the British Throne from 1910 to his death in 1936. Go to his Memorial Park and find the exit to the street of China’s largest City.
10) _____________ .(City name) You can see it on the map in the Subway under the previous stop. There is also a big international school named after the British monarch.

M) Her boobs are now too big and apparently she has been a MYSTERIOUS GIRL. The street named after this British Model is your next stop. Find the GONG CHA TEA SHOP near the traffic lights. Head down the alley way to the side and follow the chalk.

Follow the chalk from now on.


L) Perfect views of Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town can be enjoyed from this WESTERN waterfront promenade. Run to and around the promenade.

N) Continue round to the Bridge over the motorway and go to the five basic ingredients of civilization. Find the ice rink. When was it closed for ice hockey on Jan 4/5?
11) ____________.

O) Head back to Austin Station and pick up from Clue L on the wimps trail.

Tsim Sha Tsui 12.39km 78min