LSW 1714 Wednesday 30th December


Hare : Cyclops

High Court Road, Admiralty. An A to B from the visiting LSWH3 stalwart Cyclops. Aided by his son, Little Einstein to add a little youth to the flavor of the run.

A couple of visitors were expected from the U.S Navy in town, and Lonnie and Chris turned up on time and ready to run. Which is more than can be said of F3M, who rang up requesting that the hash be "held up" to facilitate her arrival. Arrival from an (over)extended boozy lunch as it transpired…….

The pack of 20+ hashers, including a guest appearance from Hormone Tester, and a late and returning Winnebago were finally set off around 19:15, and up towards Kennedy Road past the British Consulate. Buttfan and @nal Invitation were leading the way but were undone by the CB past the Caltex garage where Hopeless had already anticipated it and gone direct up Bowen Drive.

The pack then were treated to a 4-way Check on Bowen Road, which took the path up to the shiggy trail, a left turn and into Wanchai Gap Road. The Check at the playground slowed up Hopeless, Ruggero and Priscilla before trail was found leading down Lady Clementi's Path. The split soon followed, and then a series of Checks and trails took the Rambo pack off towards Aberdeen. Finally the trails met up across the dam in Aberdeen Country Park, and then a run on in to Aberdeen waterfront and the Bins at the sampan pier.

Great run, well marked, and the prospect of an ABC ONON meant 22 hashers took the sampan over to the ABC, showers, and a great feast by the pool.

Around 10km for the Rambos, and 8km for the Wimps, see attached map.

The Down Downs by Hopeless.....

The hare - Cyclops.

F3M - turning up drunk after demanding the hash be "stopped until I get there".

@nal Invitation - took holiday to come to the hash.

Latecomers - Winnebago and Vomit.

Priscilla - years of hash experience and still forgets his torch.

Randy Von Fokker - "Was I slow?" as he almost came in last, and wore a shirt all the way round.

Lost In Space - back before Hopeless, learnt his lesson from being lost on Sunday in the same area with WH3.

Buttfan - returnee after 2 months off sick.

Gary Glitter - had to listen to F3M's drunken rambling all around the run.

Cyclops - eating into Hash Cash by paying $220 for the sampan ride.

Winnebago - for negotiating the fee down from $500.

In abstensia - the sampan driver since the trip is normally $5 a person, 20 people, um… $100

@nal Invitation - wouldn't give up his seat on the sampan to The Virgin Mary.

HP Salsa - lookalike down down for Bob le Dick who declared himself the 'winner' of the hash even though he started 10 minute late, caught up with Motormouth, gave her a quick seeing to, didn't do any checks then passed Olya 5 yards from the end.

Gary Glitter - ring the wife within nanoseconds of getting in to the Bins (Bravefart lookalike!).

The Virgin Mary - losing the plot over WH3 Stash and quoting her legal rights. Good luck quoting those to Haggis!

Cyclops - because Little Einstein lost the Softies bag and was completely nonplussed by it.

Doggie Bags - Ruggero and Buttfan.

New Runners - Ester (virgin) and Lavender (Toilet Spray from WH3).

Welcome and T-shirts to our lovely new/returnee Chinese ladies - Aster, Ester, Winnebago and Toilet Spray.

@nal Invitation - has been told not to drink too much to make sure he gets home this time.

Ester - got lost in Admiralty MTR station for 15 minutes.

Non-runner - Bondi Barbie.

The Song was sung by the Hare, and the Doggie Bag duo.