LSW 1713 Wednesday 23rd December


Diamond Hill

Hares - Anal Invitation, Anal Acceptance and Dr. Evil

Congratulations to the hares on using just precisely enough flour for hashers to find the route but with no redundancy whatsoever. Quite a long trail and a little bit intricate with many road crossings and loops but it seems everyone managed it, eventually even latecomers Old Sock and Bobbledick.

So that got us from the MTR to Hammer Hill Sports Ground, from where the evening's actual hash started. A dozen brave souls started out with a promise of 6.5 km for wimps and an extra km of pure shiggy for rambos, plus a warning "don't fall off the corners".

Initially the trail was a bit daft, again very limited arrows, but many checks and CBs in close succession. The idea apparently was to disorientate Wanchai Wanker, who knew the area and assumed he'd know the route. It worked.

So up to Hammer Hill, R/W split, and only a split second later (for the wimps) the R/W rejoin. The Wimps were of course immediately re-overtaken by Chatroom Paedophile, always looking incredibly stressed when not in his rightful place way out in front of the pack. OnOn around a service reservoir with narrow, sharp, high corners ... and through many building sites. Given these change in character by the week, the hares had obviously done some serious and recent reconoitering.

Walking past an in-process development called "Kowloon Peak" we should have realised where we were going next ... Fei Ngo Shan (literally translated as ... Kowloon Peak). So up to Jat's Incline, along the road ignoring various tempting steps down until ... a long shiggy route down. But well marked in flour, and in a reasonably constant direction such that the path was easy to keep to. Even for Virgin Mary apparently, though her speed was estimated at only "1 mph".

Finally along a nice contour path at the top of the building line and back to Hammer Hill Sports Ground for hot showers. Hardly any traffic encountered throughout the run, 1hr 30 for the median hasher including the usual faffing about at checks, all in all just about perfect for LSW. Well done hares.

So, looking to replace some lost blood sugar we dived in to the softies only to find ... coke zero, 7up light, and even cream soda zero. Straight on to the beer then, and, for Nurse Fcker and Lost In Space, settling down to some serious ogling of the fit local talent circling the running track.

The third leg of the evening's trails took us to a rather upmarket dai pai dong, with white tablecloths (maybe it was actually a cheapo restaurant?) and the usual local cuisine. Delicious ... so long as you like that kind of stuff.

There were many downdowns ably awarded by non-runner(!) Priscilla, mainly for the hares, but also reflecting the above happenings and mis-happenings. And finally the Hash Song, with a decent sized audience of locals watching stupefied.

The trail over Fei Ngor Shan

Hammer Hill