LSW 1712 Wednesday 16th December


Quarry Bay Park 1

Hare - Nurse Fcuker

The Run
Bye Bye Nurse Fcuker. Well, as a hare, at least. At least he wasn't moaning this week. Made up for it by buying the first round in the restaurant (rumoured).

I arrived at Quarry Bay Park 1 wondering why we weren't running from Quarry Bay Park 2, my own personal "usual" run start in Quarry Bay. (Well, dry option, wet option is under the bridge from the MTR Exit B1). Funnily enough a few others asked the same.

Funnily enough this was almost exactly one of my previous runs, set from Park 2, and the hare was obviously trying to avoid accusations of plagiarism by setting from the other park.

Nice idea, but it's miles away from the nearest supermarket, and I ended up humping sacks of drinks to the run start. Those, plus Indy's contribution of leftover drinks from other runs means my office now looks like a 7-11.

The run? Well, a late rush of hashers saw the numbers swell to 20 in all. The route is documented in the GPS map and the Down Downs, but pretty much followed a QBP hash, but a good one, not one set by Dr. Evil that ALWAYS misses the W/R split and messes up the pack!

So yes, through QBP, up to the Shopping centre, the stairs, the drains up towards Kornill. Then the long contour path (for the Rambos) to Mount Parker Road by the Ag' and Fish office. Down to the catchwater drain above Grieg Road and onto the finish.

A good run in the cool climes, although some Wimps failed to make the last 20metres to the top of their section for the (easier) way home!

The Bash - Thai Best in Quarry Bay

The Down Downs by Indyanus

Nurse Fcuker faffed around with list.

Master W@nker guessing run number.

Nurse Fcuker the hare.

Master W@nker - loved the run.

Bite n Suck - chatting up all the guys.

Nurse Fcuker - "back to basics" run. But nobody could tell.

Virgin Mary for actually doing the run.

Bite n Suck - shortcutter.

Nurse Fcuker - poor marking on first Wimps split.

Sarah and Swine Sucker for doing the poor Wimps trail.

Motormouth - only getting as far as the shopping centre.

Vomit - not being on any trail.

Piss Perfect - lost trail so ran most of it by himself.

Lost In Space - was right on trail while Indy was wrong.

All Kiwis.

Caught at CB - Hanna Montana, Piss Perfect.

Hopeless - getting ahead of Hanna Montana.

Bondi Barbie - calling to Indy on trail.

Late arrivals - Indy, plus Swine Sucker for waiting for Sarah.

Master W@nker - missed his flight and paid RMB2700 to get to LSWH3 run.

Piss Perfect - stole Indy's beer.

Priscilla - boring Dad.

Catch Of The Day - looking for HK property in Lantau.

All those that bought Friday Hash shirts.

Macau Drunk - green shirt to make up for not calling.

Pussies at home - Hopeless.

Anniversaries - Nurse Fcuker 75.

Nurse Fcuker - Kin and Virgin Mary look the same.

Lost Property - Virgin Mary losing Boilers shirt.

Nurse Fcuker - smallest arrows in hash history.

Master W@nker - smoking outside soliciting the women - actually statue outside.

Indyanus - 225 runs.

On on on to the East End Brewery

Quarry Bay Park 9.22km 66mins