LSW 1710 Wednesday 2nd December


A pack of around 20 gathered at the Lok Hing Lane "temporary" sitting out area. I was expecting something pre-fabricated, potentially a hint of corrugated iron. Instead I found the hare and early arrivals seated in a large amphi-theatre, complete with disabled access. Quite what the purpose of the arena is is lost on me. Maybe I'm a bit unimaginative, but I can imagine the Pottinger Street amatuer dramatic society putting on a production of Greek Tragedy there. Still, suppose the government has to spend my tax dollars on something and rather that than concreting over the Peak.

There were a selection of Team (Gang?) Green t-shirts on show, making me feel slower and even less fit before we even got underway. I can't contemplate completing trailwalker, even less doing so in 15 and a bit hours. However, I think I got an insight into the reasons for their success and endurance as I spied Piss Perfect returning Dr Evil a camelback, with half its contents still undrunk. Dr Evil's magic potion has been fermenting chez Perfect for two weeks since Trailwalker. "In a few years, that'll be worth something," said Evil, contemplating his ion-replacement drink as one might a fine wine.

The run was set by Bite n Suck and a "mystery hare". Not much of a mystery really as Hopeless gave the breifing and let us know we'd not need torches. However, just to confuse things (or confuse Butt Fann at least) Hopeless set off with the pack as we exited the park to a check on Wellington Street. On On was left along Wellington Street away from LKF and after a couple more checks the pack reached the Western Market. Having spied some marking the previous evening on the way home, I took the opportunity to steal a march on the rest of the FRB's miraculously navigating through checks under the Shun Tak Centre, over the bridge to Connaught Road, back over the bridge to Exchange Square and past Jardine House towards Admiralty.

It was at this point I realised the trail was, if not quite being live hared, being at least zombie hared (by an un-dead hare), as Hopeless was starting to behave, well, a bit like Old Sock.

The trail soon approached HK Park where we ran out of markings at an open check, FRB's were surprised to hear those coming behind calling "on" from very clear marking that were so large, that, you wouldn't ordinarily run past them without noticing. We continued in this vein with Indy & Priscilla leading the pack out of the Park past the Conrad and on to the British Council, where we hit chalk that had survived from the previous day.

After an other check we continued up to Kennedy road, turned right and in time came to Borrett and then Bowen Road (the stretch where I was previously mistaken for the infamous dog poisoner).

We were soon to be home, getting there via McDonnell Road, Kennedy Road (again), a long step descent (my knees' favourite) and Upper Albert Road.

About 8km if you miraculously knew all the checks (in fact so well, that you knew where to replace them after they'd been cleaned away). 9-10 for those doing some checking. Don't know who was first back, but they were probably wearing green. Perhaps unsurprising for a run featuring the dreaded briefing quote "there's no split because you'll always know where you are", Lost in Space brought up the rear, accompanied by Virgin Mary.

After the better off and more hygiene conscious membes of the pack had cleaned up in the nearby California Fitness, we headed into LKF to Bulldogs for the On On.

Down downs delivered by Indy (and deciphered with the help of the Rosetta Stone...)

The hares - for saying no torches required, Indy brings hers anyway and makes good use in HK Park.

The hares - no shiggy

The hares - there was no point in doing checks, all the markings were gone anyway

Italian Hand Job (in absentia) for signalling a CB like a lollipop man

Hopeless - marking the trail in HK Park and gets rear-ended by Chatroom

F3M - killing pedestrians in Sheung Wan

Gary Glitter and Butt Fann - last week's hares needed the morning off afterwards

Priscilla, Parky & Disco Buttfcuk look-a-like - others out until 1:30 am the previous week

Dick the Sh+t (look-a-like) - found wandering on Bowen Road

The Hares - pollution index at 120 today - trying to kill the pack with an urban run

Visitor - Randy Von Fokker's Belgian partner - a handy Dick the Sh+t look-a-like

Virgin Mary - orders a Virgin Mary

Piss Perfect - showing his age, complaining about loud music

Vomit - left on account of same loud music

Randy von Fokker - returned to start "a little puffed out"

Piss Perfect - nice head "sun tan/burn"

All California fitness showerers

Bondi - having difficulty distinguishing Dr Evil & Dick the Sh+t

F3M - wearing a dress on the hash and raising the tone

Bravefart - showing face on the hash again after 7-runner brass monkeys Lamma debacle

Lesbian Buttslap - non-runner

Motormouth - 350 runs

Butt Fann - thinks Bulldogs is an Aussie theme pub

There were some down downs from the floor, but by this point it was a bit of a blur. I remember F3M doing some one arm push ups...

The hares were assisted in leading the song by, err, some other members of the pack.

On On

Central 091202 8.93km 64min