LSW 1709 Wednesday 25th November


Run No: LSW 1709 Wednesday 25th November, Discovery Bay

Hares - Gary Glitter assisted by Buttfan

The Run

This is Gary Glitter's last contribution to the LSWH3 Hareline as he takes his leave and box of chalk to AUSTRIA to move closer to his bosom buddy and ex-LSW hasher, Nutcut (in Geneva). Being in Discovery Bay and an easy option for a Stepford woman of DB, Buttfan "helped out" to set this run in the cooling climes of DB (and a HK$31 one-way ferry ticket - wow!).

"There is a high degree of elevation in this run" was part of the hare's briefing. Well there you go, we're going to "The Greens" and then to the top of The Tiger's Head mountain. "Plus there are chalk markings of other hashes or hikers, so watch out". Hmmmm. Margix, still recovering from strained knee ligaments, ("Apparently I am too old to dance for 3 hours in high heeled boots") could see the wisdom of staying with the beer.

Well I got the first check wrong, heading off to the Marina, as did Britney who headed up to "The Woods". So the pack went right after a lot of kerbstone markings. A CB at the school royally screwed up the pack allowing the luckless Hopeless and Britney to catch up. Finally Hopeless & Ruggero picked the trail on the right side of Seabee Lane. A nearly 2km loop took us up to Sienna and The Greens.

At this point Hopeless, Britney and Chatoom Paedophile led….. and ran out of markings. So, based on the hare's briefing we hit the open gate to the mountain and LO! There was an arrow. "You missed out the 3km loop around Sienna and the new tunnel" lamented the hare later. Actually the three front runners did debate going back but based on Chatroom's "Fcuk That!", the intrepid three forged ahead. In fact only latecomers did this loop, and then, looking at the mountain, refused to do the rest of the run. Helped Indy to retain her energy for the Circle later on!

So what else is there to say about the run…… Well, it went up and up and up to 448 metres, the Wimps split out before the summit. Rambos over the top, cut left and the nasty steep trail back to the reservoir. Left turn (does no DB hare go right anymore and come out by the Marina?!) down the road, and then cut in left to the shiggy path that ends up coming out at "The Woods".

Ivana Nucock, Chatroom and Pablo were well ahead at this point, with the only other two Rambos, Hopeless and Ruggero, bringing up the rear. The markings in the urban areas was nowhere near as good as those on the shiggy so Macau Drunk cut back to the finish while Hopeless floundered around finally finding the On Home. (Which he found in the first 10 minutes of the run, so had an inkling as to where it would come out).

Good run, or at least as a result of dry and cool conditions it was. That downhill section is lethal in the wet and in the summer. Check out the map for details.

The Bash

Onsite pizza from Wildfire!

The Down Downs (by Indy).

Another mistake of the evening was giving the hash list to the hare GG because he did not do the write up from the previous run. After the odd beer by the hare whilst hashes out on the run, as you do, and then a couple more down downs, the hare's recollection of the receiving the down down list was a mystery, in other words in GG's mild inebriated state he lost the list! So here goes a list based on recollection and embellishment abound, no doubt a number missed off the list but you know who you are!

The hares - too many rocks and boulders.

Parky & Indy - Only runners to do the Sienna loop and experience the tunnel of love.

Pricilla - Became a father for the second time this day, wife in hospital, so let's party.

Pricilla & Ruggero - Caught discussing the detailed ins and out of childbirth and pizza chucking up stuff.

Fathers down down - Each required to give their enlightening experience of the wonders of labour and child birth.

Butt Fan - Finished NY marathon, not happy with her time, so now seriously back on the beer to console.

Chat Room & Hopeless - Lead all the pack astray and short cut the tunnel of love loop in favour of the assent on the Tiger's Head.

Short cutters down down - All those short cutting bast@rds followed CRP & Hopeless with mindless sheep/herd mentality.

Gary Glitter - Last time of being a hare and off to Austria to be closer to his twin Nut Cut.

Parky - Discretion the better part of valour and copped out of the shiggy climb.

Indy - Too frighten to tackle the shiggy on her own so partnered with Parky and took the urban view of DB.

LSW 1709 091125 9.72km 96min


LSW 1709