LSW 1702 Wednesday 7 th October


Yung Shue Wan, Lamma

Lamma , it meant getting the 6:40 ferry from Central. On the way across I had the pleasure to sit next to Hanna Montana and Indy. I knew it was going to be an interesting run especially when the banter started with HM trying to explain why he had Catch of the day's pink nightie. Later on the crossing Wanchai Wanker came down trying to find out who else was on the boat and herd everyone to the top deck.

Upon arriving on Lamma I expected the start to be at the Island Bar and was quite surprised to see the chalk lead up and behind the bar. After a trek straight uphill to Macau Drunk's home we were greeted with the noise of a bunch of hashers preparing for the run.

It was a good turn out with about 30 runners. When it was mentioned that the onon was at the hares' home and Barbie was cooking only one hasher opted out. An explanation of the marking was then given by the hare Macau Drunk and he told us the run should "take about an hour" and "there are a lot of long check backs which will catch out the front runners"… and there is one Rambos/Wimps split.

So the run starts. We leave the Hares' home and head downhill minding the cats along the way. The trail lead us towards Shek Kok Tsui with Buttfan and Kish in the lead. I was slightly behind them and noticed there was no more flour. I called out to them and they insisted they were on trail and continued into the night. I then backtracked and found the first of many Checkbacks I found on the run.

The run then continued towards Pak kok before double backing on its-self and moving towards Tai Peng. At this stage I kept on feeling I was the front runner and then 5 min later I was once again back of the pack. This continued for the whole run and it kept us very neatly packed together until we reached the Rambos/Wimps split.

At this stage I was at the back again but enjoying the run until I realised I somehow got off trail and was making my own into the wilderness of Lamma.

Back to the real trail I passed the Lamma winds where I met Indy and we carried on the run together. So from wind power we headed towards the Coal powered power station, where we were greeted by security gates and guards. We decided to head back down the trail to where there was a NonNon indicated. After going through the undergrowth we were met by another hasher, Catch of the Day who explained to us that she has been searching the area for a trail for the last 15 min and the trail just ends at a "dead house". On these words we decided to leave.

On the way out and back through the village to "home" we picked up Buttfan and Anal Retreat/Retention (or whatever he is called now) and a pack of cigs for Indy.

It was a great run with a little for everyone (in my case 1hr 40min) and at "home" we were greeted by a lovely spread of food comprising of leg of lamb, pita bread, pizzas, salads etc… it must have been one of the healthiest onon meals ever. Rhubarb crumble was mentioned for dessert but I never got my hands on it.

More photos here courtesy Jeff Lee

And now it's what you have been waiting for the Down-downs which was held by Indy.

Macau Drunk and Barbie - The hares, The checkbacks, eveyone caught on checkbacks, having bash at home, possible child slavery.

Macau Drunk - Marking T on his own check.

Former LSW Founders Returnees - Hashcash, Big Bitch

Returnees/visitors - Cheesy Clit, Tiny Teepee, Verbal Diarrhea

Hares - for taking 2 yrs to get decking done in time for visitors

Buttfan - No idea how to use new watch

Virgin LSW - Jeff Leigh from Russia, Raheem from Morroco

Raheem - 3rd hash in 5 days

Buttfan and Hopeless - clocking 2 different distances

Wanchai Wanker - for calling onon when there was no onon

Raheem - makes tables in Morocco

Hopeless - Birthday present from Nurse Fokker- boxes of chalk

Hopeless - emailing Big Bitch about repairing camera in HK

Priscilla - run, stand aside, run appearing from nowhere and blamed it on him having… sensitive legs

Wanchai wanker - on trail yelling "running territory"

Monkey Gangbanger - giving up smokes then asking for a smoke

Jakki - Non runner

Catch of the day - lost her pink top

Hanna Montana - on Free China Hash left bag at onon with credit cards, phone, keys etc and finding Catch of the Day's Pink nightie top.

Jeff Leigh - thought that "passing by" meant speed up

Kish - in-form and blasting downhill after asking Indy about her feet

Hopeless - for magazine article about the hash and him

All red shirts (I have got to stop wearing that shirt)

The song was then sung by the hares and the returnees with the Hare's children watching from the above balcony



LSW1702  Lamma 091007 8.92km 80min