LSW 1701 Wednesday 30 th September


Wanchai Gap Road Playground

The hares were busy remarking the trail at 5pm when the amber rainstorm started. It was still bucketing down at 7pm and the few runners who were at the start reported accidents and traffic jams in Central. We waited at the start until 7:25 as no no.15 bus had made it up the hill in the last 45 minutes. When it did, numbers doubled to 20 and the instructions from the hare were 'the trail goes down the reservoir road, across the reservoir wall up Lady Clementi's Ride and on home. A brisk 5km'. The rain pretty much subsided by then and we were off into the night.

Since the FRBs are made of sterner stuff they took a longcut off the reservoir road along the Hong Kong Trail stage 3. To make it seem like a real hash, they also all proceeded on a false trail and did an impromptu check back after 500m. In the spirit of a real hash, two runners then also went off on a completely different route in order to get lost, but were called back by the pack for being silly buggers and taking things a bit far.

The wimps and Rambos rejoined at the reservoir where the Wimps continued along Lady Clementi's on home, and the Rambos took a wider sweep round Mt. Cameron onto Blacks Link and then on in.

7.8km and 58mins according to the Garmin.

The hare thought that with fewer numbers and seemingly genteel crowd, the Cricket Club was a better option for the bash than the Sabah in Wanchai. After powering their way through enough beer for 40 at the bins, the hash then started on the vino at the Cricket Club verandah accompanied by burgers all round. The noise level rose in seeming competition with the adjacent hockey ladies table who looked like they were out for a healthy mid-week tension breaker.

After a couple of quiet words with the club secretary, Boilers hastily settled and subsidized the bill and the pack retired to the sitting out area next to the car park for the down-downs, delivered by Hopeless thus:

The hares Boilers, Rearender, Buttfaan & guest hare Hopeless

Returnee - Asther the Hormone Tester

Anal Retreat - got naked on the bus in front of Virgin Mary

Lost in Space almost lost his flip-flops when they floated off down the road in the deluge

Hopeless with his pink south side chalk

Virgin Mary & Indyanus DFL on this evenings run and last night's ladies hash

Hannah Montana - responsible for the Ladies Hash raising their guest runner fees

Lesbian Lavatory Lust - Indyanus with Catch of the day, and Hannah Montana with Lost in Space

Hickey Slut - blind date last Sunday instead of the WH3 run

Chatroom Paedophile - women only passengers got a lift to the Cricket Club

Bobbledick - for his 70's porn star moustache which he insists is a take on the adverts

Macau Drunk - too slow on the run

Buttfaan - burger no burger

Indyanus - Cricket Club etiquette - on mobile phone, fag in mouth, can of lager in hand

Hormone Tester - too cheap to buy a LSW hash stash bag

Anal Retreat - off to MaccieDs for a super size me burger after dinner

Rearender - ordered a sausage burger but doesn't like sausage

Indyanus - more Cricket Club etiquette - applying leprosy salve to her feet at the dinner table

The two pilots - Lost in Space and Lost at Sea

Hannah Montana - broadened his horizons by lashing through the vino

Indyanus - lost torch

Buttfaan - wants to know where all Nutcut's sperm goes since he's had a vasectomy

Catch of the Day and Hannah Montana then sang the hash song in Japanese