LSW run no 1699 was set in foreign territory somewhere in the mountainous bandit regions of the New Territories.

Not for the first time, getting to the run proved more difficult than the run itself - with the exception for Stewie Smith who turned up for the first time in ages (think 9 May 2007) as he lives just over the road!

But those that made it (around 20) were richly rewarded by a well set run under the towering shadow of the Ma On Shan escarpment. For his part, your correspondent (Boilers) pursued his own path up the access road to the Mui Tze Lam village and back again. Reports from other runners indicated that the run routing was through a fair amount of light shiggy and rolling hillside.

All returned to the bins between 90mins and two hours without major incident. Thanks hares.

The On-On was at a local cafe where the bill came to $40 each. Not bad at all.

Indy was in charge of down downs. Awards were as follows:

The Hares - Comes with Cockney & Niggled

Bobbledick - welcome back - arrived from England 2 hours ago

Gary Glitter - something or other about leading Rowena astray

Lost in Space - an award for coming in last (what's new there Indy?)

Rearending - allegedly pushed over the side of the hill by PP (sounds unlikely)

Ivana/Doug - something strange about passing wind......

Boilers - up in Tai Po all day, then went back to office in Central only to have to go all the way back again for the run

Boilers, Rearending - asking Indy to hold the train for them at Tai Wai

Macau Drunk - dark mutterings about at the length of the journey to get to the run

NF - asking what the white stuff was..... flour that is

Bobbledick - new moustache much admired by Rearending - Boilers much miffed and is now growing a bigger and better one

Hicky Slut - heaving up on trail


LSW1699  Tai Shiu Hang 090923 7.96km 87min


LSW1699  elevation