LSW 1698 Wednesday 16 September, The Peak


Hash write up run 1698.

What a start. After giving everyone the heads up that they would wait for any late runners should they find it difficult to get to the Peak, the hares were left eating their own words as we were all still standing around at 7:15 waiting for the hares to turn up. Nice one Bondi.

Any way after letting us know they we may be falsely suspected of trespassing on this hash Hopeless took charge of the proceedings and set us all off in the right direction. The trail led us around the back of the Peak Galleria and up the hill to where all the rich people live. Hence why I had never been there before.

After a confusing junction where Bite n Suck and Virgin Mary failed to see the glaringly obvious arrow written on the roadside, we continued to head over the Peak in the direction of Magazine Gap. I swore if we kept going we would fall off a cliff somewhere so I was certain Bondi would lead us off this trail of peril. Which indeed he did. For about five minutes. Turn right into a housing estate where the guards, as was expected, were convinced we were trespassing and didn't want us to get through. The path through the estate is in fact one of those secret Hong Kong public rights of way which those blasted private developers wish to hide from us (and in case you were not aware the roof of the Pawn bar in Wan Chai is also one of those hidden public spaces. If any one wants to please crash this area on a Wednesday night for an on on. You have a right to be there.)

After some conversing with the guard he let us through and we headed on down through the estate to find another much friendlier guard who was like 'this is the trail guys, go through here.' He was only being helpful as he knew he was sending us onto a trail of death and destruction. Well at least for the skin on your shins. This was the longest stretch of shiggy I have seen on a hash. The trail took us over pipelines, under pipelines, down steep precipices, through high bushes, over rocky river beds and basically through the only remaining part of jungle/forest left on Hong Kong island. I have no idea where the trail was, but we ended up on a hill overlooking Aberdeen). Down onto the Hong Kong trail for about one minute and then we took a right hand turn off the trail and down into Wah Fu. Crossed over Pokfulam Road I think and head into the dreariness of Cyberport. Sorry if you live there, but living in Cyberport really must suck.

Just when we were thinking this can't be it. Nobody could do an on on in Cyberport and live through the shame, we were rescued. The trail took us over the scariest part of the trail, the Victoria Falls of Cyberport, back into Wah Fu.

A few hundred metres into the estate was home.

Apart from a few stragglers who were too afraid to cross the Victoria Falls everyone was in safe and sound. A good run. All new trails and a rambos which was shorter than the wimps.

On on was Chinese.

Down downs.

Hares - just because.

Hares - just because again.

Hares - late at the start. Get a watch guys.

Rearender - no down down write up from last week.

Hare - for complaining too much.

Winnebago - Why haven't I seen Strap-on Sally for a while? Need we say any more?

Piss Perfect - a Strap-on Sally lookalike. Maybe!

Nurse Fcuker - advising Pissperfect to get cranial warming.

Michael - for looking like a Japanese superstar.

Dr. Evil - for not running but turning up for food and beer, eating all the best bits and then leaving.

Dave - for volunteering to do the write up.

Michael and Hopeless - gay boy t-shirt gang. Should 've given one to Boilers as well for last week.

Hannah Montana - guess why!

Hannah Montana - fifty runs.

Fabio - never trust his judgment at a check. Always go the opposite way to him.

Bite n Suck - for not crossing the Victoria Falls - even Virgin Mary was willing to give it a go.

Ritta - returnee.

Nikki - second time runner.

Hare - where was the shower pipe exactly? He told us it was at the loos 30 metres away when it was actually right next to the end of the run point. But only corrected himself after everyone had gotten dry!

Bite n Suck - scared of the dangerous animals on Hong Kong island!

Hopeless - for hobbling on a trail.

Indy - which part of 'Meet at The Peak next to the Peak Tram Station' do you not understand?. She waited for us all at the Peak tram terminus down at Garden Road and subsequently kept up the habit of being late for nearly every run she comes to.

Nurse Fcuker and Buttfaan - for being too tight to take the Peak tram and arrive on time.

Piss Perfect - for wearing a American Day shirt.

Rearender - something about a dog eating kid's homework. ?

Chatroom Paedophile - 40 plus runs!

Has write up finished!

LSW1698 The Peak