LSW 1697 Wednesday 9 September, Prince Edward


About 30 runners assembled at the Boundary Street Sports Centre in Prince Edward. An explanation of the marking by the hare Lost in Space then the briefing: "Two hills. The second one is on the Rambos so make up your mind at the split. I reckon the Rambos is about 8k and the Wimps about 5, but that's just an estimate."

The first check took us across Boundary St. into the park next to the police sports ground. A check-back on Tom Yam St. to double-back past the electrical substation and up the first hill.

Several checks going up Shek Kip Mei Hill kept the pack together, then down the other side past the MTR and north towards Shek Kip Mei Park.

A big arrow into the park (at the 3km mark on the map) then a lot of running around. Into the park. Out of the park. Back into the park until after a while it dawned on most people that the arrow in must be followed by either more arrows or a check-back. There is only one exit to the park so we carried on up the road and lo! flour again and delirious calls of on-on. At the post mortem the hare said he thought he had heard the brownshirts radioing for reinforcements as soon as he had laid the trail, and sure enough they must have mounted an assault, heavily armed with mops and buckets of disinfectant.

Out of the park and left along Cornwall St. then a walk along an eight ft. high retaining wall and over Lung Cheung Rd. towards the Eagles Nest nature trail. Up the trail on Beacon Hill then a bit of running along the traverse emerging on Lung Yan Rd. where it meets MacLehose trail stage 5 at about 300m elevation. A few of the FRBs carried on the MacLehose for a while forgetting which run they were on.

All the way down the road past the reservoirs, up onto the overpass then left down Lung Cheung Rd. behind the noise barrier (which works - it was eerily quiet - by HK standards - despite being next to a four lane highway in rush hour).

Down the steps to Beacon Hill Rd., Ede Rd. and out on Cornwall Rd. next to the Mormon temple.

On over into Kent Rd. past Kowloon Tong MTR and along that path that runs parallel with To Fuk Rd. Top name in the heart of love hotel land.

About 2km of flat running and some of us started feeling a little weary. Not the MacLeHosers though, as this was a cakewalk compared with their regular 40km weekend runs. Out somewhere around Boundary St. or Prince Edward Rd. (confused now) then I am fairly sure along Flower Market Rd. and on in.

Hannah Montana's GPS read just under 90mins and 12.5km

The rest dribbled in over the next hour, lots from the wrong direction, and finally late starters Indyanus & Rushi.

A great run.

There were some mutterings of "I thought he said about 8k'"and "who stole my softie" and with that about half the pack headed off to the restaurant.

The basheteria was more of an ex-factory outlet shop with freshly painted walls, a ceiling of neon strip lighting and operating as an annex to the restaurant a few doors away. Thus the no liquor licence and BYO lager from the Sevie down the road.

The food was good though, and plentiful, and the staff bemused.

Down-downs started just before dawn by Indyanus…

To be cont…

LSW1697 Prince Edward 12.5km