LSW 1696 Wednesday 2 September, Tai Koo


Hares - Dr. Evil & Melamine Girl assisted by Hickey Slut

Even though it was a long time ago, I very much remembered the previous Dr. Evil hash from Quarry Bay Park with a Pizza Express on-on. It was -for me- a three and a half hour affair with all of the pizza being gone by the time I got back. Yes I do remember these things so it was with a bit of reluctance that I joined LSW run # 1696, but it was my week to scribe and not wanting to shirk my duties I arrived at the Tai Koo MTR exit D in the middle of a shopping mall. I think Quarry Bay MTR would have been better but I was led to the A by co-hare Melamine Girl. Others took a bit longer to find the A. I did manage to convince Dr. Evil that there might be some confusion when at 7 p.m. there were only four hashers. But Bravefart was adamant that everything was very straight forward and hashers were "stupid" to have any trouble finding A.

After the confusion we ended up with a nice group of twenty-five including a guest hasher "Pocket Shadow" from Canada. The briefing was easy and included such answers as "I don't know how long it is" and "I don't know how long it took to set." Keeping his last hash in mind, I opted for the Wimps trail.

Didn't get a GPS map of the run but will do my best to recollect. Through most of Quarry Bay park. Up some roads to where the big catch-waters are. Find the R & W split. But it seems to confusing for the Rambos as they merge back onto the Wimps trail. I spent most of the trail with the competitive couple of Parkie and Park and Shop who it turned out were racing each other. I ended with Hasher Lucy who thought that a Pizza Express on-on was better than sex and danced the last few meters in. Wimps trail ends up being quite short for most people and everyone is pretty much back in in about an hour or so. The now off work Hickey Slut was beside herself when learning of the Rambo confusion, directing a few choice words to Dr. Evil.

Down Downs were given by Indy looking very refreshed after her summer holidays. But the pressure was about to be heaped on her as our allotment of dd beer granted to us by the 'not staying for the on-on' F3M was a mere six (6) beers. So a lot of pressure on Indy to do what has never been done in the history of hashing worldwide ever by keeping the dds to within six (6) beers.

advance dd for herself as just coming back from holiday she knows she will miss peoples names and not really be that funny.

The Hares, Wimps thought run was good, Rambos were just lost.

Hickey Slut, takes no responsibility for the f#$k-up, and is looking quite glamorous.

Dr. Evil, setting this similar to a Wanchai hash he did and also messing up that R&W split as well.

Piss Perfect, Lucy and Rushi, followed Indy looking for the real R trail, but to no avail. Apparently the only one who knows where the true Rambo trail is is Community Chest who is never around when you need her.

Rushi and Lucy, At the catch-water Rushi is trying to climb up a cliff and Lucy is laughing at him.

Macau Drunk, Knew that there wasn't a 2nd Rambo split.

Hickey Slut, comments directed at Dr. Evil; "I told you so", "I'm very glad I had nothing to do with this run", and generally throwing her toys out of her pram.

F3M, (Park and Shop stands in for look a like) only allowing six cans for dds when twenty-one were available.

Indy, self dd for confusing Dr. Evil for Dr. Doom.

Dr. Evil, Gives a late arriving Indy a bad briefing.

The Virgin Mary, dropped her shorts and had a dump in the middle of the trail.

Bondi-Barbie, preempted Indy's dd

The Virgin Mary, Spotted by Wanchai hashers not wearing panties.

Parkie, For suggesting she do a hand-stand.

Parkie and The Virgin Mary, Last week Parkie helped The Virgin Mary and a reenactment is done.

Piss Perfect, accusing Indy of not being nice asking Park and Shop about her weight.

Parkie, Found a Teddy Bear that he lost when he was three.

Parkie and Park and Shop, Raced each other to the bins leaving hashers wondering if they still have sex.

Lost in Space, appearing fitter

Lost in Space, continuing to deny rumors that he is about to become a Father.

Pocket Shadow, Indy away for seven weeks, Pocket Shadow away for seven years.

Rushi, Thought Indy was a new hasher.

Bondi Barbie, Confuses Rushi with Pocket Shadow.

Macau Drunk, Mistakes in hare-line, Vittel instead of Melamine Girl, Exit D2 instead of D1.

Piss Perfect, Argued with Indy about which way the trail should go.

Park and Shop, Her school closed due to Swine Flu.

Randy Von Fcuker, Returnee.

Lucy, Winning Indy's heart by not having a cigarette to smoke after finishing a previous hash. (Indy saw it in the write-up).

Indy presents Dr. Evil with a Viking and a ship, hoping he will set a better trail next time.

Song sung by Lost in Space, Rushi, Hares, Pocket Shadow and The Virgin Mary.