LSW 1693 LOHAS Park


Wednesday 12th August

Hare: Hopeless

1. Mood
Relatively small number of but real hash-addicts gather to "A" with excited since today's "A" is completely virgin to all hashers ever.

2. Location
LOHAS park, the hottest residential Area now in HK, which had been developed by Cheung Kong Holdings led by Li Ka Shin.
New MTR station has just opened last month.
The estate is so huge that when I asked shuttle-bus mother "What time to estate?", she says "sorry, but I don't know...".
Surprisingly 3.5 BILLION s.q.f. estates are scheduled to built in the site area in the end.
But now it's just a waste land for hashers...

3. Theme So today's theme is How to get out of the restricted land by fences.
In other words, How to escape from the palm of Mr Li Ka Shin, the Richest tycoon in Asia.

4. Runs

4.1 Lohas park
After setting out MTR station, we go through some loop-hole and get to fine running trail for 1k.
And then we turn right at open check and go up to grassy plato.
Now we're reminded Hopeless's briefing "Tissue paper and Ribbon is used as markings today!".
It's certain that in this wet and grassy condition, these two are only useful method as markings
With annoyed by broken tissue, not-easy-to-find ribbons and what's more very very slippery drainage, finally we find small unofficial hole to Vehicle road.

4.2 Confusing CK
We turn left that vehicle road and begin 1k running along pedestrian and find the CK up to catchwater lead to the middle of old steps.
There is the most puzzling open-CK tonight so that we consume more than 10min to find OnOn.
The reason is mainly we're checking upstairs and only a few hashers are checking downstairs... but it's a hasher's instinct, isn't it?

4.3 Running to B
After that confusing CK, we go relatively smoothly with settling one CK after another.
And then we find ourselves among old villages near Hang Hau, please remind LWSH 1677 at Hang Hau for detail.
Passing Hang Hau roundabout we get nice long run along cycling road and get back to today's B, Sheng Ning Playground near Hang Hau Station.
After the run we discuss about today's hash as usual, drink beers and grab pizza... Absolutely it's perfect night for hashers.
Thank you Hopeless for virgin A ever.
Do you plan new Austin Rd MTR Station as next A??

5. Down Downs

Down Downs given by F3M

Hopeless: wearing loose shorts with Speedos underneath to hide his erection.

Barearse and Dr Evil: not taking soap and shampoo into the shower with them, taking beer.

Macau Drunk: sniggering as he came in because Piss Perfect had gone right towards Hang Hau village at the very last check although the right trail was left. (Subsequently found out Piss Perfect was going to Lardo's to say a fond farewell to the sexy waitress there).

Hopeless: for not issuing gas masks to hashers running through the methane around LOHAS Park

Nurse F**r: short cutting even the wimps' trail

Any Dick Will Do: wearing a sports top that only supports one bra - at 60 she'll have one boob higher than the other

Chatroom Paedophile saying: "I'll make sure the girls can make-it" over a very difficult part of the trail. However Butt fan (on in): mishearing "I'll make sure the girls are naked".

Gun Powder Plod: asking everyone if "they want a quickie" when passing the 10+ old mattresses discarded on the trail. Surprisingly no one said yes.

Hopeless and Dr Evil: Hopeless bringing Skol Beer so that Dr Evil didn't miss his homeland too much.

Dr Evil: arriving in HK the day after Hickey Slut leaves and then leaving HK the day before Hickey Slut returns home. Is this the secret of a long lasting relationship?

Hanna Montana: as he's next week's hare, as soon as he got back he immediately hid away in a corner to draw a map of the route and then worried about writing the DDs even before his customary 4 beers before the circle.

Dr Evil: Steve Job's lookalike. Even his GF thinks so.

Gun Powder Plod: Asking "Who is Steve Job anyway"

Dr Evil: didn't want to come back to HK as he was having a much better time in Copenhagen, especially as he went to the Gay Pride Festival and the Gay Olympics aka "The Out Games".

Hopeless: distraught to hear that the young lady at Lardo's (Kenda) who has the tight low jeans with the butt crack visible every time she picks up a customers' fork, napkin or knife or whatever else has mysteriously dropped to the floor…is leaving Lardo's next Tuesday.

Hopeless: stalking the hashers in his car, kerb crawling. Hopeless confessed he was checking to see if Nurse F** and Barearse would make it.

Nurse F** and Barearse: last in, even though Hopeless had given them clear and precise instructions on the whole trail including a coloured map in a plastic bag and was driving around stalking, oops, checking on them.

Hopeless: disturbing the peace at the new LOHAS Park MTR station car park. Larger than normal Nazi Female Guard demanding he move his car as it was causing a traffic jam. However it was the only vehicle in the car park.

Hannah Montana: Not doing the Southside's run on Thursday because he's going on a date with Butt fan on Disco Bay.

Any Dick Will Do: on a check on trail she went the wrong way on purpose even though she had seen the trail while coming over on her bicycle.

Any Dick Will Do: telling Dr Evil that he "needs to get his f****** glasses out" as he kept missing the markings, she said this a number of times. On the 5th or 6th time she stumbled and fell… who needs glasses?

Barearse: taking 20-30 minutes going under the fence (very small crack) instead of through the hole a few metres to the left.

Hopeless: for making said hole in fence and many others.

And the song was sung by this week's and next weeks' hares.

The ON ON was onsite Pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut's delivery motorbike!

LSW1693 8.1km 65min