LSW 1690 Wednesday 22nd July, Lok Fu to Sham Shui Po


Hares : Catch of the Day & Priscilla

The Run

An excursion out to the North West Kowloon awaited 10 hardy hashers about to be put to the test of our crazed hares. When you see Catch of the Day & Priscilla partnering together in crime you know you are in for a test and your scribe for one was not disappointed. Perhaps this may have some thing to do with the lower than usual turn out, although preferred excuse that the teachers and all that lot on summer vacation.

Brief explanation of some Mickey mouse look alike open checks and minimal use of On On to be replaced by the time honored ?if you see flour you?re On?. With that encouragement and no little bits of paper telling us where the B was, 10 hashers braved the unknown and were off.

Some chalk at the start, pack together muddling through a housing estate, bit of herd mentality but we eventually found our way out headed over some toxic fumed motor way and up to what was the beginning of the accent of Lion Rock.

Sporadic marking and flour dashes created the opportunity for the pack to regroup at the playground and BBQ pits at the base of the Old Sock trail. Up and up we went following the strong calling from Butt Fan, now an FRB, who loves the sound of her own voice but kept the pack going. At the top of the near vertical shiggy we hit the split and Rambos headed right up towards the Lion Rock, following the contour path west of the rock. Wimps on the other hand turned left on the undulating stage 5 of the MacLehose towards the radar station. Rambos did a quick U-turn, and took the back contour shiggy trail round Beacon Hill towards west Kowloon.

At this time your unfit Scribe needed oxygen due to altitude sickness but in the absence of the same took the next best option and headed off down the wimps trail. Bit spooky as no other hasher in sight , fading torch, no idea where B was, thoughts of MIA come to mind, was I panicking, maybe a little. Relief came at the stunning hash vista over Kowloon & HK, where at the same time another hasher?s torch was sighted in the form of Lost In Space, followed closely behind by a panting Nurse Fcuker. We three merry men grouped together saw off a couple of open checks and a tiger in the bush, no says Lost in Space, just a wild pig, I did not hang around to check! The trail linked up with the Rambos where Butt Fan and Hopeless passed us by briskly off into the night down the steps and on home to a new finish by an open air swimming pool somewhere in Sham Shui Po.

Great run, some fantastic views, pack came in around 15 minutes of each other, albeit some moaning about lack of flour. Well done to the hares, then off to local Chinese for super bash with just 10 thirsty and hungry hashers.

Around 8.89km for the Rambos, maybe around 7km for the Wimps, see attached map and run profile of the Rambos, courtesy of Hopeless.

The Down Downs

Hopeless's circle.

Wanchai W@nker was made ?Beer Amah?, although nobody called him for a drink.

The Hares Priscilla & Catch of the Day.

Priscilla public display of testicles in an attempt to blow dry them on the Sai Kung Hash, next time get a towel.

Wanchai W@nker winging again - just about anything.

Buttfan hash crash although brave with it.

Catch of the Day being so precise and writing down all the instructions for the run in presentation style, so considerate but do we care?

Gray Glitter running through the pain of broken toe to do his duty as hare for next week?s run.

Hanna Montana 10 beers before the run, well it was a hot and he was thirsty.

The hares for avoiding an ear bashing run from some usual quarters.

Bravef@rt look alike had 9 missed calls on his phone at the end of the run and the quickest we have seen him move all night - off home.

Inflate a Date has dumped his Yummy Mummy for the night as too hard to explain where B is and slumming in taxi will do him good.

Priscilla using free glass for his beer as forgot him condom, a dangerous practice.

Anniversary ? Lost in Space 75, Hopeless a mammoth 550 and Gary Glitter 175 runs.

Priscilla got stuck in Wanchai last Saturday night as no ferry home due to T9, it was tough but he rode it out one way or the other.

Buttfan reliably advising us that ?eggs turn into meat?.

Lost in Space ran backwards at the start for reasons only he can explain.

Nurse Fcuker no record 4 hour run tonight although had all the potential as he had no idea where the B was.

Wanchai W@nker lost his flat sale so more winging.

Buttfan disappointed as no chat room invites from Shanghai so need to look elsewhere for dirty talk.

Catch of the Day not the right time of the month to be a hare.

LSW song was sung by Priscilla and the Anniversary hashers.

 Lok Fu 090722 8.89km 107min