LSW 1689 Wednesday 15th July, Aberdeen Reservoir Road


Hares : Ivana NuKok & Niggled

The Run

19 hashers lined up at the Aberdeen Park sitting out area

The run route;
Check half way up Aberdeen reservoir road led runners ON left up Peel Rise through the cemetery and up along the Aberdeen catchwater.

Continued for some distance passing straight through a few more checks then a right turn up onto steep rocky /shaggy path into Aberdeen Country Park.

Cut across country then back onto the catchwater following it until landing onto Cecils Slide. nice undulating trail that wound its way to the Aberdeen reservoir to the Wimps Rambo split. Wimps took a right hand turn along side the lower dam and back down to A.

Rambos continued on for another 4km with first finishers Hikko and Hanna Montana returning in ~1:40.
Good and testing run in the cooling climes of HK - we all finished just before a major thunderstorm!
Around 11.3km for the Double Rambos, see attached maps, route and elevations!

The Down Downs

Priscilla's circle.
Niggled and Ivana Nukok for being the hares.

Wanchai W@nker for not running and coming for an on-on at a dodgy Thai restaurant, having hardly recovered from a stomach bug.

Sticky Sex Toy for going to answer nature call during the down downs.

Niggled for having only set 2 LSW hashes in his many years long hashing career.

Lost in Space for wearing a yellow shirt (apparently not allowed, according to Priscilla).

Priscilla for calling Niggled a German.

Niggled for pretending to be a French Swiss.

Wanchai W@nker for making his clients write their own letters by themselves.

Lost in Space's Circle.
Chatroom Pedophile (look alike), Lucy the blond (look alike), Hiromi (look alike) and Sticky Sex Toy. Chatroom slowed down during the run to chat up the chicks.

Shiggy Slut for telling Hiromi that "wimps' trail will take longer than the Rambos'" and cheating Hiromi into running with her.

Lucy the blond (look alike - Nurse Fcuker). After listening to Hopeless explanation "20 for the run, 10 for a beer...." says: "But I really need a cigarette".

Down Downs from the floor.
Niggled for getting lost while driving to the start.

Priscilla for forgetting about his own run next week.

LSW song was sung in the best LSW tradition.