LSW 1688 Wednesday 8th July, HK Squash Centre to Old Elgin Street


Hare - Indyanus
The Run
The Peak Tram terminus played host to another hash in a week as runners and hashers gathered to await the hare. The “running lot” with scabs like AFWD and Crash Test Dummy defecting over to them, lined up against the athletic hash mob which included it’s own defector, Tom Turk. He decided to cross over and join the “fun” group for a jaunt.

Well, it was a little longer than a jaunt, but more of that later. Indy turned up, covered from head to foot in flour, and after a briefing and movement of the bags to the taxi rank, 23 runners set off, including the visiting young Boiler Brat.

Master W@nker, back in town for “one last burst of fun before I have to go on holiday with the wife” led the pack up to Kennedy Road alongside the tram lines. Check took us across the road, and eventually we came out along MacDonnell Road, and then onto Bowen. A tricky Check or two pulled the pack into one, to go around Island School on a check solved by Priscilla who has hit a rich vein of form just now.

From here the pack made it’s way along the Bowen shiggy path, up to Wong Nei Chung Gap and up Coombe Road to the top, the junction with Barker Road. Predictably the Rambos went up the stairs behind the garage, and the wimps onto Barker Road.

From then on it was almost a straight sprint with Master W@nker, Hopeless, Sticky Sex Toy and Ivana Nukok cracking the Checks which took the route up onto the Peak Tram, up past Little Pair’s résidence, a CB and then down to Lugard Road and basically a fully fledge sprint to the finish.

“Я выиграл гонку“ shouted Ivana Nukok as she hammered and sickled into the finish at the playground behind La Terrasse in Central.

Around 12km for the Rambos, see attached maps.

The Down Downs
DOWN DOWN’S led off by Master W@nker outside in the park area of La Terrasse (although dinner had been there on the very Terrace) as we ‘courteous hashers’ did not want to disturb the clientele …..with our ‘limited hash vocab.....

Note…his DD’s are written on the back of a Panadol packet?......truly recycling!!

The Hare – Indy’s ‘Witches’ Run’! Hashers looking out for a dead cat on the run and then eating frogs at the On On ….

Bite&Suck – non Runner … haircut instead! To impress the b/f in Aus?

Tom Turk – falling over himself to sit between 2 gals, Bite&Suck and Hicky Sl*t rather than next to all the lads…..girl/boy/girl!

Bite&Suck – Creatively turning an LSW hash T-shirt into a hash skirt instead….. !

Hicky Sl*t – on Free China Hash had missed the b/f as he was not around to help her up the rocks so she stood there waiting…..finally Master W@nker obliges by pushing her @rse up and over..…

Tom Turk – finally saw the light….gave up the Wednesday Night Run to run with the LSW Hash….

Wanchai W@nker – wallet drops on the floor …first thing to spill out is the condom….

Priscilla – finding the very tricky trail up the slope leading to the Island School, and thus averting a Hash Disaster of not finding trail!

Bite&Suck’s DD’s – Master W@nker for writing his DD’s on the back of the Panadol packet…

Shergar – why bother watching cricket when you know you are going to be beaten….??

Tom Turk – comparing leg sizes with Hicky Sl*t’s? Whose was bigger????… chicken legs that would be….

Master W@nker/Indy – cosy romantic dins together!

Priscilla’s DD – To Hanna Montana!!…….he just revels in running so (too!!) much…..

Indy’s DD’s - Returnees …..Tom Turk/Wanchai W@nker (with his ‘We Love Beijing’ hash song)

Tom Turk – ‘offering’ the usage of LRC to finish the Hash run at, complete with the swimming pool etc…offered after the run had already finished at La Terrasse…

Sweaty – for a fabulous Hash On On,…’The best Hash Dinner yet, according to Tom Turk…’….Thanks for your generous hospitality…….

Bag/Beer Helpers – Shergar/Melamine Girl

Master W@nker– offering to give up his Sirloin Steak for a Pot Roast if needs be?....a Pot Roast at La Terrasse????

Hanna Montana/Master W@nker – ‘beaten by a woman’…’allowed’ Ivana Nukock to come in ahead of them….according to MW ‘me knees on that downhill’ ….

Tom Turk – A closet smoker…..just when the ban comes into almighty force….

SSG – non Runner

SSG – panicking that all 24 runners would stay for the dinner at his restaurant!!.....a change in outlook for a restaurant manager….esp in a recession…..!

Motormouth’s DD - to a lookalike Bubbleduck for getting a phone call from him at 3 am??? ….What was that call about again?

And then it was On On and On for the still thirsty hashers……