LSW 1686 Sham Tseng


LSW 1686 Sham Tseng

On on left out of Bellagio estate, across the road up past the restaurant (at which we were to later feast on goose), check in Sham Tseng village led to the right, Ruggero and Hannah Montana went through a T and didn't call back, up steps, past a toilet block just seconds after Hicky Slut decided to go to her own private toilet in the bush, on up past the Pagoda and to a fantastic clear view, on up winding further around on concrete path, a few checks to keep the pack together and allow the late comers to catch up, one check led to Tsing Fai Tong, the correct path led off concrete to a lovely soft trail, more trail, then to a post with W on it on the side confusing a few thinking W was an arrow.

Rambos however carried on straight and down a lovely path, cross a stream and then on to road past the Yuen Tun camp, runners section down to the entrance to Tai Lam Chung Country Park where the Rambos and Wimps met up. Only cutting off 1 km for the Wimps and involving a lots of steps rather than a long runners run. Then to the intersection of Castle Peak Road, where Nurse F*cker needed glasses and to option to take a taxi for the last 1.5 kms back along the water front past the impressive Bellagio estate back to Old Socks' Shower and cold cold beer!

Excellent run from Bite and Suck and Hopeless.

DDs were given by F3M to:

The Hares

Castrato - his last run for 6 months - he's taking his wife and kids around Europe.

Old Sock - for his Roy Rogers impression it took him 3 attempts to lasso the rope around the bar.

Nurse F*cker - 14 people found the right way..., he did not, does he need glasses and not beer glasses

Hopeless - "wandering lonely as a cloud" writing poetry on the trail, "I'm setting a trail with a very slow snail"

Hicky Slut - feeling rejected she ran up to Old Sock and F3M for a chat just as they decided to start running off.

Castrato - property tycoon, owns property on Lamma but lives in another

Colombians are like the French or if you know him Caligula - not showering after the run

Bite and Suck - knowing its a credit crunch but there is no need to be so economical with the flour

Ivana new cock - was so excited, she stopped F3M on the trail to show her the big chalk stick she'd stolen from Old Sock, thieving Russian mafia

Bite and Suck - very sad and lonely up here, makes friends by waving to complete strangers on the bus.

Bite and Suck - went all the way to Wanchai to catch a free china hash bus to come all the way back here to 5 minutes from her home.

Bite and Suck for bringing us to a restaurant with kiddy chairs, everyone bar Ruggero had they're chins on the same level as the table.

Ruggero and Hannah Montana went through a T at the second check, didn't come back and didn't call.

Hicky Slut is going to overcome here fear of heights by going to Xian to walk up a rock face using metal chains

Melamine Girl - getting the best of the meat and Bobbledick for eyeing it up.

Hopeless - drinking alcohol free beer and Hannah Montana laughing at him - but then

Hannah Montana turned his nose up at a free beer earlier in the circle.

Sham Tseng 090624 11.14km