LSW 1685 Sai Kung

Hare - Piss Perfect

Write-up - Macau Crunk

13 starters at the Sai Kung Stadium. We set off through the alleys of Sai Kung village to a cunning check through some undergrowth. I'm sure Hanna Montana solved it first then came back to tell the rest of the pack. Along the waterfront Chui Tong Rd. and round the marina to the Marine Police HQ. A check over the road to weave up the steps through the fishing village to come out on Hon Kin Rd.

Some good running on the trails in Tsui Hang Special Area and Lion's Nature Education Centre where Indy both saw and solved a check. Left over Hiram's Highway then right down Pak Kong Rd.

Along what must have been around Po Lo Che Rd and towards Sha Kok Mei river – (it all gets a bit hazy now) and down Sha Kok Mei Rd.?

A final check on Tai Mon Tsai Rd. that got everyone, before leading through the ankle deep mud pool just in time for the on home behind the stadium.

A good run considering the heat and humidity – 70min and about 8½km. Well marked with plenty of checks keeping the pack together throughout.

A few leisurely beers and shower and the numbers dwindled until 7 of us sauntered through the back streets to a small al fresco b.y.o.b. Thai restaurant.

A good selection of what they do best then on to the down-downs.

Indy started the down-downs with a minutes silence for hasher Samdim who died of cancer last week. She had 11 runs with LSW and co-hared with Bondi Barbie on the infamous sabotaged Tai Po mid-autumn festival run.

The hare - for another Sai Kung run - all the numbers scared away by Allergic to Pussy's 4 hour epic a fortnight previously

Nurse Fcuker – returned again despite being the aforementioned 4 hour runner.

Bobbledick the previous holder of the run gone wrong award with his 18km Hang Hau jog that took him 3 days to set and Nurse Fcuker 3½ hours to finish

Tight Lips – the infamous Sai Kung run that 'just never worked out' and resulted in Gunpowder Plod and Piss Perfect live haring on the night

Bobbledick – sporting a new Dirty Sanchez moustache

Piss Perfect – wrote his son's public speaking speech – his son went on to win the school prize

Piss Perfect for last weeks horse racing roundup newsletter saying that Nurse Fcuker was only good for the glue factory, Bobbledick had cajone augmentation leading to extra momentum in his stride, Pricilla only good for the kiddies fairground rides and Indy for the merry-go-round/knackers yard.

Castrato – doing some home teaching and really enjoying it

Piss Perfect – his home teaching is driving him crazy

Bobbledick – finding a new girlfriend in Hunan province

Piss Perfect – attributed the run to genius

Indyanus – had another distribution of her unwanted hash shirts (mostly all the runs that Nurse Fcuker set in Singapore)

Nurse Fcuker – plotting to go to a pub during the run so the hare would panic at everyone not being back after 3 hours

Indy had Piss Perfect's number just in case, but it wouldn't have done her much good as he had lost his phone

The restaurant owner was getting increasingly alarmed at the noise considering the time. He said the residents call the police after 11pm and he gets threatened with closure. In the light of that, the hash song was hummed (with full actions) while the staff packed away our table and chairs around us.