LSW 1682 Central Ferry Pier


The Hare - Brave Fart

Pack arrived at Pier 7 as the rain continued to fall but the hare was no where to be seen. We must of been at the correct point as there were crates of beer, softies and the all important water. The numbers swelled and Bravefart returned after setting the trail for the second time (did i mention the rain) After doing some fabulous art work on the floor he explained his markings and pointed out the fact that we should not do the rambos as it is a) too long and b) not marked very well. With these words of wisdom ringing in our ears we were off.

We left the pier and headed into centrals urban jungle we splashed a few suits, bashed a few umbrellas and then threw a left down along the harbour i guess there were a few checks but i was so far back i just followed the crowd. Next we were heading for the convention centre and the mass of tourists taking soggy pictures of the harbour front .Then we moved onto the "real" wanchi. Luckily we had no virgins running or it could of gone very wrong at this point we moved pass a few of the hashers favourite haunts such as sticky fingers and the wanch (i think this explains the late return of motormouth and bike and suck)

Next we were up and over a few foot bridges and to be honest i do not have a clue where i was going but ended up climbing up onto the top of Bowen road turning right (wimps trail) and heading back towards central. Which trail would we take down ???? Everybody had there own opinion myself and Hannah Montana included, in fact we were so sure our route was better we chose to ignore the correct trail and make up our own back via squash club, thru HSBC and then the walkway back to the ferry. Rumour has it the correct trail involved going up another hill so i guess we made the correct choice.

It turns out that we were not the only ones to make this decision as you will see later in the down downs. Anyway all arrived back safely and were then treated to an entertaining show from the ever entertaining Parky :)

For those that missed it, it went something like this

Act 1 - Group of young american tourists walk past as we are all sweating, changing and knocking back beers. Parky, having stripped to his shorts and already intimidating them with is 6,12,18 pack then tells them how we have been running over mountains and yes we will pose for pictures as we are the famous LSW. Needless to say no pictures were taken.

Act 2-Group of old folk walk past, feeling more confident with his own generation he again announces that we are the famous LSW and that they should sponsor our down downs by giving us there spare change. I think one of the group was tempted but luckily her friends made her see the light and they moved on, leaving parky to get changed in the stairwell. Never mind at least Man United lost the football :)

Down Downs - By INDY (as always)

Hare - Urban run as too wet to do a recce at the weekend.

Inflatadate - Going to the gym for a shower.

Inflatadate and Claus lookalike - For doing the rambo trail.

Allergic to pussy and Hannah Montana - For doing Super Wimps.

Parky and Nurse Fcuker - For doing Super Super Wimps.

Intrapenis - For doing nothing and skulling 4 beers while everybody else went for a run.

Park N Shop - Racing on the hash (yep i had to read it twice as well, unbelievable)

Bravefart - At OnOn 2 weeks running.

Park N Shop - Getting her T!T$ out for the lads.

Bavefart - Being accused of being the Bowen road dog poisioner.

NurseFcuker - Something about wellies and sheep.

Inflatadate - 3 Good things to come out of Oz 1, Crown Beer 2, Kylies Arse 3, INDY (minus the feet)

NurseFcuker - Playing the PC card and complaining about the hash name Virgin Mary.

Allergic to pussy - Running too slow

Hannah Montana - Running even slower.

Intrapenis - Winning a drink off against Hannah Montana.

Macau drunk and Indy - Debating which trail will be taken off bowen road (do this weeks trail and you will be busy trying to work out where the hell you are)

Inflatadate and yummy mummy - Dirty weekends in sanfrancisco.

Motor Mouth - Who needs a reason for this one.

Nurse Fcuker - pointing out that Park N Shop was running like a dog !!!!!!