LSW 1679 Wong Nai Chung Gap to Stanley


The Hares - Sticky Sex Toy & Chatroom Paedophile

With even more of the pack than usual caught in traffic congestion or other "unavoidable delays" it was a slightly depleted group assembled for stand-in hare Chatroom's briefing on a "7k, ok maybe 8k, or 8.5 if you do some checks, wimps and 10k if you do both rambos" run. Having distanced himself from co-hare Sticky Sex Toy's marking on the second half of the trail, he loaded our bags into his gleaming red pimp mobile and we were off.

Opposite 7 Parkview (about 20 yards into the run) we were confronted by an open check, a very open check. Usually one can describe these things with a simple "On On was to the right", not so here.

On On was to the right, ignoring the stairway under the private road, circumnavigating the dog shit, up a trail, back on yourself along a catchwater, up a flight of steps, round the corner and eventually seeing a small blob of flour. It soon became clear why the hare had been so devious, the trail then slogged straight up Violet Hill with minimal checking opportunities and maximal steps.

Having almost reached the summit, FRB's were lured into a long checkback, with the only option being back on ourselves to the right, where we eventually found further flour. According to a moan from Hopeless, we'd gone 180m from the last marking. Over the top, we soon reached the first (and in most cases, only, but we'll get to that later) rambo split. Rambos headed off into the shiggy, with wimps continuing on an easier contour path. After the rejoin we headed down to Tsin Shui Wan Au, negotiating two more very open checks. At the Au, an other check lead us down a riverbed, apparently well known from Action Asia and back onto concrete at Repulse Bay.

And, if we'd stopped there, I don't think anyone could have complained too much. However, at that point the rain started and it also became clear that we were still some way from B. Confusion reigned. Having headed off in the Deepwater Bay direction, on marking to begin, but very soon not all, I rejoined the pack heading along South Bay road with Butt Faan & Fabio. Randy Von Fokker stormed past us declaring with complete confidence "B is at South Bay Beach". If only. A minute or so later Macau Drunk approached from the opposite direction, debunking this theory "I've lost the trail and the pack".

Heading back into Repulse Bay, trail presented itself as we spied Master Wanker heading off up "The Smallbone Path" a little trail known intimately all by Southsiders. We followed, found flour and continued uphill to the junction at Chung Hom Kok. A further open check and a helpful "watch out for traffic" awaited us. On straight on a concrete path took us into the outskirts of Stanley where we came upon a further confused group of FRBs milling around as they'd clearly lost trail again.

Must be nearly home, so much for the second split. After running along the waterfront we came to a final "check" (I only found out later it was a check, it just seemed like a big gap in the trail). Breaking it required similar persistence to the night's first check and it seemed that most of the pack, having by this point guessed or checked B, just headed on home.

With my B having dissolved, I did manage to stumble across the last section of trail along with Allergic to Pussy & Inflate-a-date. We continued out of the village area at the end of town and up to the road leading to St Stephens beach.

Wimps left, Rambos right! Tired, wet and sure most had short-cutted back home anyway, AtP & I took the easy option, leaving Inflate-o to enjoy the delights of the peninsula alone. B turned out eventually to be the main beach at Stanley and the pack hobbled in via various routes and means of transport over the next 90 minutes. All will be revealed as we move to the down downs...

Before that, you can have a look over the Hopeless's GPS image, showing that Rambo #1, some checking and a short cut home was actually 10.5k, so god knows what the full run would have been!

Down Downs were delivered by Indy. Lets see what I can remember/decipher...

Hares for setting the trail and getting us lost

Inflate-a-date for finding and then running the second rambo split

Bravefart for coming to the On On for the first time in 6 months

Late Comers - Hiromi, Community Chest, Indy, Piss Perfect

Hiromi for making little squeaks and squeals on the rambo route

Hares for handing out directions that said "if you're tired, take a bus". Where are we going to find a bus if we're lost in the middle of Tai Tam Park?

Piss Perfect for going up the Twins and getting lost

All Discovery Bay residents receive a vengeful down down as a result of a great ill done to Indy when at some point in the distant past she got lost in Discovery Bay and no-one gave a damn.

Hopeless for hoovering up all the salad for Community Chest and checking it was super extra meat free

Bite n Suck for taking a taxi

Lost in Space & Bargepole for refusing the taxi

Macau Drunk for not going in the shiggy, still tired after FCH3 weekend 10 days ago

Hannah Montana for not having his girlfriend or wallet with him

Parky for recalling the old days when the men showered naked

Community Chest for having a trailer trash beer condom

Sticky Sex Toy for collecting hash cash, not being put off by Parky and becoming far more assertive as the evening wore on

Lost in Space for taking a picture of a road with no trail on it to prove there was no trail there

Park n Shop for being chauffeur driven to B in a Lexus and stopping to pick up Parky

BUT - making sure they got dropped off round the corner so we wouldn't notice!

Bravefart and Allergic to Pussy for debating the subtle differences between western and italian food

There were more, but I think Indy wrote them in Arabic.

The song was lead by the hares, the Lexus couple, Inflate-a-date and Bravefart

LSW1679 WNCG to Stanley 10.55km 101mins