LSW 1678 Yau Tong


The Hares - Hanna Montana, Piss Perfect & Intrapenis

Run #1678

Starting from the park outside the Yau Tong MTR the made their way down toward Lei Yue Mun market. A couple of pointers from the locals led us through the seafood market to a check in the village.

Once sorted out, we headed up the hill along the paved trail. Not long after that, the trail went cold… the laziest of hashers (Franz and Dothan?) continued up the hill while the remainder of the pack found the proper “ultra shaggy” trail through the bushes. It did eventually meet the paved trail again, but not before the SCB had blazed on ahead. We emerged into the cemetery where Hopeless continuously searched for the CB trail leading up the hill. It didn’t come until at least half way across said cemetery, but Hopeless was well poised to jump into the lead at that point.

The next two kilometers were through the wooded area above Yau Tong, leading the rambos, eventually, to a final check. Chatroom spied the next flour immediately and dashed off down the paved road, while the remaining rambos pfaffed around a bit behind the leadership of Franz. Eventually both wimps and rambos were united for a dash down the paved road, back by the MTR station to our starting point. 6.64km, just under an hour for the FRB Rambos.

Then on on to a SCRUMPTUOUS Chinese seafood dinner (complete with chicken feet – Nurse F#cker’s favorite ;)

Hare didn’t know there were showers at the finish.

all the Free China hashers who attended the Down Island Taiwan Hash (good showing from LSW)

Late arrival – Thermal Dick

Hana Montana – lost his Japanese side... Asked for beer, he said “f#ck off” ?

Recently Unemployed – Allergic to Pussy

All unemployed – Chatroom Pedaphile, Bobble Dick, Nurse F#cker

Inflatadate & Yummy Mummy – sold their little love nest and moving into bigger 3,300sf apartment

Visitor / Returnee – Franz

New runner – Hiromi – Japanese, Cathay Flight attendant, 6 years in HK, referred by her Dutch friend

Hopeless – thinks this run was the most obvious in the last 3 months

Hopeless – tossed LSW shirt in the bin

Inflatadate & Yummy Mummy – flying business class and not getting the rest of us upgraded

Franz & Bobbledick for dueling for title of “eat the most at dinner” and also “take the most leftovers home”

Nursefcuker – trying to get Hiromi to eat the chicken feet during dinner (thinking she was Chinese, not Japanese)

Hopeless – writing a sad status update on facebook

Hopeless and Precilla – making a GIANT ruckus at 3am, and discussing the merits of shagging ballet dancers at full volume in the hotel room while chatroom trying to sleep

Bobbledick – washing his hair in the toilet after not showering after run for 18 years

LSW1678 Yau Tong 6.64km 57mins

LSW1678 Yau Tong elevation