LSW 1677 Hang Hau


The Hares - Hopeless & Britney

The Run

Hashers gathered at Sheng Ning Playground.
What a strange LSWH3 held in Hang Hau Area Two weeks in a row!!
Who knows when our hash was absorbed by KH3???

We were off A to Cycling Road in perfect weather for hashing.

After short running, we found animal-path going up to catchwater.
Passing under trees and leaping drains along Catchwater, We found huge grave area.

It was not apartment-grave but many individual graves were spreading all over the place.
I haven't seen this kind of area ever in HK...

We went up hill grave to grave, and got to Quarry with Debris.
This area was also characteristic.
It was so hard to find chalks on stones that we used our torches like searchlight, and finally we found the way down to Chan Uk Village.

There was R/W split.

Many hashers chose Rambos and began walking village road up.
But before long we looked over easy CK without any doubt...
So We took over 10 min to settle.

After finding CK, we had to climb steep and a little shiggy hills.
Then we bumped into Big CK on the junktion of four roads.

Since then we enjoyed good trail-running to Mid of High Junk Peak Country Trail.
There was so many crossroad along this trail that it was a quite suitable and interesting for Hashing.
We Settled CKs and found flour one after another, and down to Clearwater Bay Road.

We turned left and began to running down CWB road.
Many hasher seemed to expect going straight, But not anticipated, we had to turn left into Mang Kung Uk / Wat Sun Village.
It was so near to the R/W split that unless we realized we trailed the same chalks again, we were about to go around Big loop Rambos again!!
What a close shave...

And then, thorough footpath connecting villages, we came back near Hang Hau Station at last.

However, there was one more homework to us.
On account of Swine ful, many roads were cleaned by pumper truck and chalks were all washed away.
HK quarantine was so tough to LSWH hashers as well as Victims in Wanchai Metropark hotel...

In the end, by not chalks but our memories, we got back to A again.

10.5 km by my GPS

Quite good run

LSW1677 Hang Hau 10.1km

The down-downs

The hare - Hopeless, great run location

Mystery co-hare - Britney, dragged out of retirement only to spew his heart out setting the run, which he later claimed was harder than climbing Mt Kinabalu

Community Chest - joining in the spirit of things as a part-Hispanic

All hashers with swine flu

Returnees - Macau Drunk, Britney, Alex, Boilers, Groper

Castrato - identified one of his favourite trees on the run

Bobbledick - renowned tightwad stereotype using an old plastic bag circled by a rubber band as a wallet

Hannah Montana - marked a check going left then headed straight

Intrapenis - returned for more punishment after epic 3 hour run on the last hash and being named Intrapenis on the previous hash

Everyone wearing Mexican gear (well, Indy)

Bobbledick - characteristically arrived late and got instructions from Hopeless to short cut the first part of the run. Couldn't understand them so asked which way is north?

Bite N' Suck - new GM of Wan Chai hash

Gary Glitter - had to borrow $100 to pay hash cash

Piss Perfect - checking watch after hash to make sure he's home in time. Bravefart had already broken land speed records getting to the MTR

Boilers - chuffed at coming in first and it was like a birthday party as he had first pick of all the pizza, beer and tequila

Hopeless - leans over Indy's shoulder while she's busily jotting notes for down downs and says hold it, I've got a good one (implying all Indy's were crap)

Britney - a short biography of his hash years with drawing

Nurse Fcuker and Piss Perfect - both offered to help Hannah set this week's run, and NF wasn't fussed because he's "very busy".

Castrato and NF - Castrato tried to ring NF to get details of last week's route but couldn't get onto NF because he was "so busy".

Alex - receiving hash name "Swine……….can't remember"

Soft hashers very particular about shower facilities after a run

Down down from the floor - Indy - ironically giving a down down for fussy hashers and their bathing requirements after she disappeared with Any Dick'll do 2 hashes back to bathe privately together at ADWD's place.