LSW 1676 Shau Kei Wan


The Hares - Nurse Fcuker & Indyanus

We started at Shau Kei Wan. Despite warnings that we would have our gonads removed if we were more than a minute late the run started in time honored hash fashion - at least twenty minutes late.

Out we went whooping and hollering in delight. Lead by our illustrious leader Parky in his gold spandex running shorts.

Through the streets pedestrians scattered left and right. Up the stairs and into the hills. Up up we went through the hills and through at Tai Tam gap.

Then down beside a long catchwater. Sprinting down for about a mile before we came to an open check at the juncture of five paths. On up we went until we hit the Wimps Rambo split.

The Rambos went on left down into some hell hole Indy and Nurse Fcuker had obviously had obviously commissioned specially for the occasion. Round and round in the bush in the dark until the Rambos were screaming in agony and frustration. Then off down another catchwater and through a tunnel in the mountain. Out and down to Terry's house in Jade Flower Village under the Tai Tam Tuk reservoir.

The Wimps went on up the path, hit a checkback and then back off over the Boa Vista trig point and then down shiggy until they hit Tai Tam Road. Then a few diverting diversions, down under the reservoir and down to Terry's house.

Congratulations all round. A wonderful run down routes many of us had never seen.

The on-on was an excellent and nutritious BBQ served up by Terry and his mate. We all enjoyed it mightily.

Well almost all of us. After three and a half hours a begraggled set of latecomers stumbled in. Lead by the illustrious Parky in his shiny shorts and shortly after Park'n Shop, Carol and IntraPenis. Yoo hoo!

The Rambos

LSW1676 Rambos

The Wimps

LSW1676 Wimps

Down downs were administered by the illustrious company of Plod, Park'n Shop, Master Wanker, Castrato and Indy.

The hares... for being hares

Nurse Fcuker - Plod says he fucked up the markings by marking them fucked.

Bobbleduck - Plod says he fucked up the markings by putting leaves and rocks on them.

Plod - Park'n Shop says the reason they came in two hours late was because Plod fucked up the markings.

The Latecomers - for being truly excessively late. Lead by their bold leader Parky.

Parky - for wearing a shirt emblazoned with "Impossible is Nothing". Err yes... apart from this evening.

Priscila - for being unable to recognize the Kiwi flag. Doh!

Dr Evil - for spending the entire hash going on about his chopper.

Priscilla - for bottling up his dummy spit. Maybe he could do it next week?

Nurse Fcuker - why is every run he's involved with like a scene out of Apocaplyse Now?

Terry - for being a host.

Jake - for being a visitor and having an excessively deep voice.

Park'n Shop - for getting lost in exactly the same place on her first ever hash back in 1983.

Nurse Fcuker - for being stuck in 1983. Email, mobile phones... voodoo!

Jake - for being a pilot and being unable to follow a map.

Parky - for being lost. With a phone. But did he bother to call even after three and a half hours?

Intrapenis - for actually turning up again after being saddled with that name.

Hangers on - Nick and Nurse Fcukers better half.

Olya - for not having a job and living on even tighter rations than Bobbleduck. Anyone got a job?