LSW 1674 Kowloon Tong


Hare : Inflato and catering by Yummy Mummy

The Run

I was late, Exit B looped back on itself [a bit like the run, read on] and an unhelpful policeman sent me to the KCR, I was then stopped and asked to hand over my ID card to the guard at the Love Shack reception [while Motor Mouth and friends just sauntered past]. Anyway, I finally made it to the lift lobby of the Love Shack to see a number of tightly fit (not necessarily physically fit) bodies heading off to run. A quick change in the 3rd bedroom, strongly advised to take water, despite the fact it was p***ing down outside, I along with a group of about 5 other late runners set off to catch up with those who had arrived on time.

From my Garmin, which unfortunately didn’t find a signal until 5 minutes into the run, I know we ran along the very busy, 6 lane Lung Chung Road (more like a motorway to me) across a bridge on to Lung Yan Road, then up, up and up along Ying Wa Street. Then we did the Rambo’s loop around Beacon Hill, going back down the way we came up. Bobbledick claimed to know the way and took a few off on another trail. Others (including me) ran along a lovely windy trail at a good pace, to the sounds of Butt Fan calling, rock, step, hole, slippery, rock, step, hole, slippery. Funny how she could see all this without the aid of a torch! Added to this lovely trail were a few ropes to assist going down and, after checking the map, we ran over Lion Rock tunnel [little did we realize we would be going through it later]. We then came across Master W@nker who had run north, south, east and west but couldn’t find flour anywhere. (Ed: We have seen this mess before from MW). “Maybe because of the rain”, some smart alec pointed out. And then someone else (unidentified) said if we went right we’d get back to Inflatadate’s place and so off we headed… and as you can see from the map, attached, in the totally opposite direction!

The navigationally challenged 10 ended up on the wrong side of the entrance to the 2nd Lion Rock tunnel, and so after being escorted, while holding hands, by a very nice man with a bright lollypop stick¸ we crossed the busy 10 lane entrance to the tunnel, The lollypop man then waved down two taxis for us, back home to the love shack, showers and food.

An excellent 12.94k run and trip in a taxi. [FFFM]

The Down Downs
The DDs were administered after they were considered at length in the study¸ consulted by various members of the hash society by the Honourable Gentleman Lord Boilers…

Hares: looking cool calm and collected before the hash society set off on their wet venture, unflustered and clearly showered…had they set the run at all one wondered?

Yummy Mummy: defending Priscilla, saying he’s lovely man…or words to that effect.

Walkers: not only walking but with umbrellas and plastic coats: Motor Mouth, Margaret Chan and Cassandra.

FFFM: concerned about the well-fare of the DD master and the operation in London….except it was not his heart it was his hip!

Bobbledick, Gary Glitter and Nurse Fcuker: claiming they are injured but there is only one major injury in the room…yes Lord Boilers.

Allergic To Pussy: drooled over the painting on the wall, didn’t realize it was Yummy Mummy, obviously her back, but not sure about the front…should be allowed to check.

Yummy Mummy: for being, well, yummy – fantastic shower facilities and food!

Hannah Montana: nice to see honesty on the hash. When collecting hash cash he gave $20 for the run and $50 for the beers he hadn’t yet drunk….knowing full well he would though.

Strap on Sally: travelling to mainland China twice in two weeks instead of spending her final weeks of quality time with the hashers.

Inflatadate: airbrushing a painting in the study of him sat in a plane looking very much like a young fighter pilot.

Raymond: returnee after only 10 years runs with the ladies hash instead. Welcome back Raymond, hope to see more of you.

Butt Fan and Strap on Sally: suffering from verbal diarrhea on Beacon Hill, discussing the merits of waterproof mascara, while it was p-ssing down – harden up.

Comes with Cockney: verbal diarrhea on glow in the dark outfits.

Nurse Fcuker: complaining about Allergic to Pussy pushing up his rear on the way up the hill.

FFFM and Strap on Sally: alleged taxi fare scroungers [in fact these two were the ones that paid for the other 8 people who got taxis back from the 2nd Lion Rock Tunnel – having been escorted across the 10 lane very busy toll booth entrance by a lollypop man].

Priscilla: has ‘orrible Garlic breath, he won’t get any action on the Disco Bay ferry going home.

After a huge thank you to Yummy Mummy and Inflatadate and their two little helpers (a special thanks for the delicious apple cheese cake), and a cry from the home owners not to stand on the furniture, the song was then sung.

LSW1674 Beacon Hill 090415 12km