LSW 1673 Wong Tai Sin to Prince Edward


Hare : Gunpowder Plod - A to B

The Run

An assortment of hashers arrived at the Muk Lun Playground to find the Hare surrounded by empty beer bottles.

Many wondered if he had set a run or if he was setting up home all that was lacking was a few cardboard boxes, oh yes and the water !!!

“Water, you mean I am supposed to provide water? Nobody told me that!” (there was a rumour that the hare had been sent a detailed e mail of LSW hares chores)

Anyway we were informed that there would be a few taps along the way if you needed a drink this was followed by a quick explanation on the markings.

Oh yes A to B if you think you will get lost take my phone number.

And the group was off Mr. Happy Slippers set the early pace and it was not long before we came across our first check.

We moved on to Choi Hung Playground and an Ancient Well alas this did not resolve the water issue as the government had filled it with concrete.

Some where round here we hit our first CB. The pack turned round and looked for the trail but the OnOn was only 5 meters from the check back ???

The hare had failed to mention that the trail could be anywhere between the CB and the last 7 OnOn’s. Never mind the LSW is an intelligent bunch and we were soon on our way to the next heritage spot Nga Tsin Wai Village. This was indeed an impressive site and stopped a few awe struck hashers dead in there tracks a few brave hashers ventured in blinding curious villagers with bright torch light just to find another CB. Trail was called and we were off again Heritage sights were a plenty but no where near as abundant as the growing number of open checks.

The hare was having so much practice that by the end he was achieving perfect circles with his multi coloured chalk. At this point it was noted that a virgin had gone missing but his friend Free Willy showed little concern so we moved on.

At the wimps Rambo split we had a few hardcore hashers electing for the wimps FFFM and Priscilla the lack of water was obviously affecting these supreme athletes. The Rambo’s pushed on up and over hills through checks, checks and more checks. Mr. Happy Slipper finally lost it and on seeing another check just threw himself over the nearest fence. Lying on the floor but obviously alive the main pack chose to leave him and just headed off in the correct direction. On re joining the wimps trail at Kowloon Tong it was good to see that the wimps had marked the checks in a professional manner allowing the Rambos to run on through. It wasn’t long before the Rambos reeled the wimps in and the whole pack headed home minus the 1 virgin.

Home being Plods Police Sports Club on Boundary Street. We were treated to Showers, Saunas and massage chairs but no softies !!!!!! The hare had however managed to rustle up some jugs of cold water. (Editor’s note – FFFM says SHE got the water as the hare was too inebriated to go find any. FFFM toy throw…..).

After a little debate it was announced that beers could be purchased for $12 and softies could also be purchased for $12. What with this and the water situation FFFM could take no more and the toys came out. But it’s ok none of them where aimed at the hare so we did not have a repeat of the Shek O saga. A small band of alcoholics stayed around for the OnOn and Indy administered the Down Downs

The Down Downs

The Hare – Great run / culture tour

The Hare – when asked by Indy (who arrived late) who was on the run, replied with I dunno. I guess we are lucky we only lost a virgin.

Visitor – Michelle or was it Karen. Still not sure but her mum is a Beijing hasher.

Returnee – Free Willy

Free Willy – For knowing far too many policeman

Belgium Bloke – For the huge torch

Free Willy – For accusing Indy of getting a taxi half way round the hash!!!!

The Hare – Too busy knocking back bottles of beer to get bottles of water.

FFFM – For needing 10 minutes calm down time before hanging out with fellow hashers.

Dr Evil – for doing Paris marathon – 3.34 – congratulations

Virgin – for doing the whole run on his own.

Free Willy – for being the W@nker on the phone.

Belgium Bloke – Going naked on the run.

Jon Doe – hashed with LSWH3 for a year and not got a hash name. Hashes with FCH3 once and is named. By his sister in law !!!!!!!

Free Willy – for telling his soon to be ex girlfriend that yes her bum “does look big in that outfit”.

Allergic To Pussy (formerly Jon Doe) – For agreeing with the honesty approach (he’s also single).

Priscilla – for ringing round friends to see who is going on hash before deciding if he should turn up.

Dr Evil – for having cold fish and chips and giving FFFM more ammunition to abuse the hair.

Gunpowder Plod – For getting a call from Hopeless when FFFM only got a text message.

The Song – Mumbled by hares and hashers – But then Hopeless arrived in the nick of time and belted out the second verse.

At this point we were asked to leave…….