LSW 1670 Wong Nai Chung Gap


Hare - Bobbledick

A pack of 17 met at the lower sitting out area on Tai Tam Reservoir Rd. opposite Stanley Ho's house. The instructions were that the run would be about 1½ hours and the Rambo's loop would take an extra hour if walked or ½ an hour if run. Sod that for a game of soldiers was the muttered response by those who'd just made up their minds as to which run they were going to do.

Not long after 7 we were off, finding arrows immediately leading us straight into the second sitting out area 20m up the road. This kept eveyone busy for a bit before we resumed our journey up towards Parkview. A false trail right, up towards Violet Hill. On-on left through the boom gate just before Parkview, up to the reservoir then left down to the Tai Tam Country Trail.

An On-on left on the trail then a 'W'. ¿que?…. Some went back up through the On On to the reservoir to look for the 'R'. The rest went along the Tai Tam trail to a check-back taking us up onto the Wilson Trail. The Rambos went right to go back down towards Parkview on the HK Trail stage 5, then left through the boom down Tai Tam Reservoir Rd.

Easy running down the road then a check-back got everyone looking for chalk on the walking trail back up the hill, but it was found further along, going left down the river-bed rocks; slippery. Emerged/crashed onto another trail for a traverse to start a scramble back up the hill through a decomposed granite riverbed/erosion gully.

Another traverse that led up the Action Asia riverbed rocks. A bit of lost trail and radio silence saw the pack fragment until Indy, lost on a completely different trail called everyone up to the Rambo Wimps rejoin.

Followed the Wilson trail stage 2 above the quarry over Siu Ma Shan then descending down the rocks-in-concrete path and the '??' marking to join the trail towards Braemar Hill.

Out of the country park at Wiltshire Towers then along the path below Tin Hau Temple Rd then down the steps all the way to North Point MTR

Rambos back in about 2 hours with Maggie and Hanna Montana about twenty minutes later.

On on to the North Point Vietnamese.

Down downs by Indy

The hare - Bobbledick

A dimwit down down for all those that went on Bubbleduck's last outing (and were here again) - Nurse Fcuker, Castrato, Inflate-a-date, Macau Drunk, Indyanus

The uninitiated - Those who didn't go to the last one - Hanna, Alex, Virgin Mary, Gary Glitter, B'nS,

3hrs 40 mins for Nurse Fcuker last time vs 2hrs 20mins for Maggie this time

Thanks to the hare for volunteering at such short notice after the original hare pulled out last week.

Hash marking scrabble - 'W' in the middle of the trail at the start, some '??' leading into the broken down catchwater.

Castrato, Indy, Hanna Montana & Inflate-a-date for going back up the hill on seeing the 'W' then realising it was stuipid started the run again.

Macau Drunk - ½ a DD for only going half the way back up the hill before he realised who he was following, and promptly turned around to carry on with the run.

Macau Drunk - lost in 8ft high scrub behind a shrub going up the Action Asia river bed. Had to be guided out by Indy who was busy being lost on the Wimbos trail she had made up.

Inflate-a-date for maintaining radio silence all the way up the river climb.

Hash Crash - Gary Glitter on a traverse two feet wide, then 1 ft wide then 6in wide, no footing available fell off the edge and caught onto a branch to hang in a tree.

Castrato saw GG's demise as the perfect hash moment to overtake him and put a bit of distance between them.

Hanna Montana - fell down the rock face and landed with a dull thud as his head hit the path. Ran the 500m to the next hillside scramble but had to pop back to retreive his watch which had been ripped off in his fall.

Initial non-runner B'n S handed her bag-lady responsibilities over to Virgin Mary

Hanna - two On-Ons in a row. To Hash Cash at the last one "five beers please"; this time "only the three - I had a hash crash and came in late"

Strap-on Sally - felt nauseous on the run. To show she wasn't pregnant she hoiked up her jumper. A little too far/just right. She wasn't wearing a bra.

Irish down down for those in green.

Inflate-a-date - went over the road for a shower at Californias and was away for an hour. The pack had left the bins for the bash-o when he came back.

Bobbledick sabotaged his own run. Put a couple of 'checking' question marks off the trail onto his nemesis catchwater where he opened his head the last time. Macau Drunk ran onto it since no one had returned from checking it. At the bins Bob le Dick said the markings were to 'denote a previous trail of interest'

Macau Drunk whose spell checker mysteriously transformed the last write-up's mention of 'Babe's Hash' to 'Bunnies Hash'.

B'n S wearing incontinence pants with two batteries stuck up her @rse.

Macau Drunk - birthday down down

Nurse Fcuker, Alex & Inflate-a-date for the rugby 7s Kiwi advert involving a surprised sheep.

Strap-on - for watching the ad on daytime TV… while having a massage

Alex - could've been an Aussie - his great grandmother went out on a ship to Fremantle but wouldn't get off as it looked too red. Sailed on to New Zealand instead and got a refund.

B'n S - two hash starts. Met at the lower sitting out area then when the run started up the hill the pack followed chalk into the second sitting out area (and spent a surprising amount of time there before realising they were um, at the start…)

Bobbledick - On Home marking up in Braemar Hill - 4kms from the end.