LSW 1658 Wednesday 31st December 2008


Diamond Hill to Kai Tak

Hare - Lost In Space - A to B

NB early start 5:30pm (but it's still dark enough for a torch) - for Hopeless's benefit, and just as well he and the runners were reminded as Lost In Space did his very best to set a "Lost In North Kowloon" run - the 8 runners being completely bamboozled up in the hills above Wong Tai Sin.

But before that happened, the pack was stuck within the first 5 minutes of the run in The Nunnery as the private gardens wardens stopped everyone running through the garden, waving hands and asking for "no running in heavenly park".

Luckily Strap On had asked LIS for his mobile number just before we left him at the Taxi stand at Diamond Hill MTR and was carrying her phone on the run. So a call was made to ascertain the run "comes out somewhere on the other side". So off towards hammer Hill Stadium we went. A sneaky CB took us back into the housing estate and up onto the hill behind.

Hopeless, Dothan, Jon and Hanna Montana headed around the building site, trying to dodge the wires across the trail that were holding up the trees around the site. A couple of Checks saw us break out onto Fung Mei Path, a long road up and right onto Po Kong Village Road. Right into Yuk Wah Street and up into the shiggy trails.

This is where the pack came to grief. Great markings all the way through the run, including the stream bed saw the pack come into a derelict village and a large graveyard further up the hill. If you see the second map from the run you can get an idea of the amount of checking that went on. Even a second phone call - "head to the upper pylon" didn't help as we just couldn't find a way up or any markings.

So Dothan led the pack back down to Wong Tai Sin where we found trail again near the temple, but lost it again coming out of the subway. So onto Kowloon Walled City Park, and to the Aviation Club, passing the hare remarking the last part of the run.

Despite not finding the trail we had a good 10km run that took about 90 minutes. A tour of the club, it's helicopters and bar courtesy of Cyclops was then followed by snacks in one of the private rooms.

Down Downs - administered by Hopeless

The Hare: Bit of a mix up on the hillside allowing Motormouth to catch up with the pack and us all together at the mid-point of the run.

Cyclops: Supplying the ON ON venue, The Aviation Club at Kai Tak.

Buttfan - long shorts, no hash crash this week.

Jon - added a number to his (very) short Out Of Office Message for Brian.

Taxi - seen running several times on the hash, mainly to get away from MM.

MM - LAST - by a long way.

Hanna Montana - Tokyo visitors came to the run sight, chatted to HM then left, but took his photo.

LiS: Getting the pack lost within the first 5 minutes of the run in The Chi Lun Nunnery.

MM - ignoring Cyclops insistence on "no phones", and having to use spec's to see the numbers.

Buttfan - causing chaos with veggie food orders on a non-veggie menu.

Hopeless - leading the pack up and down and around the graveyard.

Strap On - did she get a DD?!!!!

And we sang the bloody song!

LSW 1658

LSW 1658a

Next run 1659 Wednesday 7th January

Sunny Bay

Sunny Bay MTR (Tung Chung line) Exit A
Just outside on the grass next to the DB Shuttle Bus.

A to A run

Start 7.00 pm sharp

Bring a torch

Toilets but no showers. Bucket water for the hardy.


Hare - Castrato