LSW 1653 Heng Fa Chuen


The briefing for the assembled 27 runners:
There are 3 Rambo loops.
The first one is simply a short cut
The next two, you decide; if you don't don't mind terrain then do the Rambos - if you like smoother flat running then do the Wimps.
During the whole run there are several bailout points where you cross the road, so if you are over it, get a bus or taxi to B which is writ on your bit of paper.
If you are still running after two hours and you hit any road then you should really think about getting a taxi or bus to B.
Any questions from the floor ?
Strap-on - "if I don't want to carry money will I be able to pay the taxi at B ?"
"Yes the taxi can stop at B right next to your bag".

And with that everyone wandered back to the MTR to go and get snot-flying drunk at the Old China Hand in Wanchai.
Not really.
And they're off.

Sooo…. the Rambos headed west towards Lei Yue Muen then looped back to the start having given the Wimps and Inflate-a-Date a head start.

Along Shing Tai Rd. parallel with the Eastern Island Corridor into Chai Wan Park

Over the walkway and up past the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital (opened 1993 - the Nethersole bit of it having been on Breezy Path, Mid-levels before it became the HK Institute of Technology - facinating huh)

Left down Chai Wan Rd. and over the overpass to the lifts in front of the Hing Man Estate.

Being true dingbats err.. hashers we walked up the seven flights of stairs

Despite the local shopkeepers best efforts, bits of flour were were found down the estate road to the check.

Chatroom checked up right and most everyone followed thinking that we were heading for the hills

Butt Faan went down the steps to the left and a quite a few people followed her until she found the T.

At the very bottom
on Chai Wan Road

Dothan, we salute you.

I hope she went back up the road to take the lift back to the check to start all over agan again….

Everyone (there is nothing more unifying than a deluded pack) then hurtled down through the estate to the bus terminus where we spent the next 20mins going through the motions of 'Looking for the trail'

Unlike animals, hashers hunting in a pack doesn't make them more efficient or effective.

It's the opposite.

Everyone goes stuipid.

Consider the exchange - "Why are you running through those two Ts ?" "Well if you turn sideways on, technically you're not T'd off anymore then you can go on to scaling this 15 foot high fence to slip through the razor-wire at the top" "Righty-ho. Off you pop. Good luck."

Someone (probably the first-time-never-been-on-a-hash runner) went back to the check and found the actual trail was 10m from the check and went up the side of the hill to the service reservoir path below Tai Tam Rd.


Along the path to the treatment works, Rambos through a tunnel and up the side of the hill to rejoin the Wimps on Shek O Rd.


steps up to the Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institute and up the road to the check which went right, along the HK Trail Stage 8 towards the Dragons Back which Time Magazine declared the Best Urban Hike in Asia (22 Nov 2004 Asia Issue), so there

The Wimperillos turned off the Dragons back to follow stage 8 down to Shek O Rd. and the Rambos went over the top to rejoin the Wimps near the quarry on Cape d'Aguilar Rd.

From there it was On Home along the dry riverbed rocks to Shek O beach "far away in time".

First runners home in 1hr 50mins (including their 20min tour of the housing estate)

Last one in in 2hr 45mins - a mere hour shorter than Bobbledick's victims two weeks prior.

High dudgeon and apoplexy all round.

Some frolicking in the sea and showers on the beach.

No one looked when Sticky Sex Toy hoped that her undies didn't go see-through after her swim.

On on to the Shek O Thai for what they do best followed by down-downs by Boilers having been given a three minute warning/request by the hares:

What did you think of the run - "too short", "too flat", "no pink nosed dolphins" - the hares, Winniebago & Crash Test Dummy

Brazilian Buttslap asked Strap-on Sally and Comes With Cockney to keep a lookout while she had a pee, but they ran away because they thought they heard a wild boar

Boilers for saying that this was the high point of his down-downs and was now on to the more pedestrian ones

Inflate-a-Date - "best run of the year"

Nurse Fokker - "what the f**k marking is that ?" - it was of course the crash test on-on. When explained he said he thought that was a nuclear hazard sign

Frank the Plank wasn't sure whether he would still be here for next weeks run. Considering the state of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, oh yes he will.

Bondi Barbie for his entertaining account of hashers' running styles in last week's news.

Someone (I can't remember who… but I will) should have got a down-down for asking "what's so funny about that Swiss hasher being called Anal Vice ?"

Speaking of forthcoming down-downs, save a few large ones for Sticky Sex Toy who was driving in front of our taxi on the way home. The concensus was that she must have been paralytic. "No, she always drives like that" says Chatroom.

Comes With Cockney for her 15hr something trailwalker time

Yummy Mummy - non-runner, so proxy down down for FFM dummy-spit

Hanna Montana - surrogate down down for Hopeless' dummy-spit

Boilers - broke the handle of his razor so he shaved holding the blade. He appeared in court that morning half-shaven & bleeding looking like he'd just had a fine brawl in Wanchai. The judge enquired 'Florenda back then ?'

Hash song - the hares


LSW 1653