LSW 1651 Po Lam


Bobbledick's Hell Run

A to B run starting at Po Lam MTR

In BD inimitable style; no pre-run briefing, chalk for the checks, explanation of markings or assistance to new comers; we knew we were in for an interesting time! Runners changing under the cover of the MTR station security flood lights gave passer byers some interesting views. Only information offered by the Hare; wimps - 1 hour; rambos - 75 min, no problems! Motor Mouth makes it for the start - a first.

The run, well it went something like this:

Through the park, across the road, up the back of Po Lam , climbing high along ridges, a little bit of shaggy, down some uneven foot paths, check back at BD's usual spot (still caught half the pack by surprise), ascending for a long time, descending for a long time, finally hit sea level, across a rocky beach, up a sewage channel, headed somehow towards Clear Water Bay, then eventually Tseun Kwan O where the Hare was coolly waiting for everyone's return. The fact that he was waiting for over 2 hours didn't seem to ruffle his feathers. That's right folks Wimps - 2 hours; Rambos - 3 hours. Could this be a LSW record for miscalculation or just another example of BD's individual flair for the banal?

Dummy spits all round, although not on the same scale as our resident control freak. Most likely explanation was that every one was just too stuffed to winge. It is true that the only runner who enjoyed the length was Esoteric, keen to remove the proverbial stain of his 3 hour epic. Poor Nurse vowed never to return.

The first hour was memorable, the second and beyond - unforgettable!

Down downs by Indy

The Hare - lots of checks, few markings and a long run

Bondie Barbie - coming ready dressed for the beach section

Inflate-a-dick - know's Yummy mummy's number to call when he's lost

Dr Evil - doesn't know Hicky Slut's number! Doh!

Hicky Slut - first back in over 2 hours!! Short cutter!

Dr Evil - last back 3.5 hours (refer previous down down) - only 10 hours faster than his Trailwalker!

Nurse F*cker - last back - 3.5 hours - only

Yummy mummy - she's hot and fast, particularly when she's driving bags around

The Hare - opted to sit next to Yummy Mummy rather than take a taxi.

Inflate-a-back - doesn't know shit about his car, let's hope he knows more about planes.

Motor Mouth - helps out and gets a down down for it - what a crazy world we live in.

Dummy Spit Awards to Bondie Barbie - 4/10 (on the Hopeless Richter scale)

Macau Drunk - naively thinking a Bobble dick run would go like clockwork. Doh!

Macau drunk - (second offence) - leading the pack off trail and up woop woop

Inflate-a-dick - heading off trial in search of the yeti.

Macau drunk - (third and final offence) - finding trial and not calling - penalty - transportation to the antipodes for a perfect life

Piss Perfect - running like a man possessed with a bad case of the clap

Trailwalker Award (aka people who cant get a normal life) - Bubbledick, Dr evil, Inflate-a-date


Christine - hasnt quite worked out that hashing requires appropriate footwear (ie; not stiletto sandals)

DR shadlis - wearing CROCS - no taste at all.

Bubbledick - sporting a new hairstyle

Nurse F**ker - looking like shit after the run

Bubbledick - destroyed Nurse F**ker interest in hashing after the run

Motor Mouth - delegates beer bitching duty to YM

Piss Perfect - concocted a new turn of phrase ' water of a bobbledicks back'

FFFM - completely lost the plot and the trail on the run