LSW 1646 Mid-levels


Hares - Sweaty Snailgobbler (the run) Indyanus (logistics)

This week's hare, IndyAnus had subcontracted the trail laying to her co-hare, Sweaty who felt he was overdue to set another run. Sweaty was required back at work for the evening shift so was not to be seen on Indy's rooftop as runners arrived. Some runners found that Indy's chalk marks to her residence had not been co-ordinated with the run markings of Sweaty or vici-versa and on reaching an ON-ON they had to return and try again.

The theme of the day's run was simple and was rehearsed on arrival at Indy's decrepit apartment block - a short UP & DOWN run. Firstly it was up eight stories with the bags to be briefed on Sweaty's markings and then down eight stories with the bags to leave them in Indys flat. After the rehearsal, we were straight into the run - a short UP & DOWN, the only difference being that the UP & DOWN were each 440 meters rather than 40 meters as in the rehearsal.

The pack headed up the steps from Indy's flat, straight across Bonham road, up Breezy Path, into Lyttleton Road and then Kotewall Rd. The hare tried to keep us tracking up the right side of the road, although certain miscreants found the in trail up by the fire station. Down on to the blue dots then and pretty quickly a check-back. More climbing at this point with some sensibly taking a shiggy path, as others scrambled up a newly chunammed rock face. This shiggy trail led to a contour path which your scribe couldn't recall doing before - Ah, Alzheimer's I hear you saying. This path was perfectly formed for the likes of Quiche, Winnie and the other 5 dwarfs, but not for us normally proportioned beings who had to crawl along on our hands and knees. Emerging near the road end below Lung Fu Shan, things started to go downhill led by the pack. One sensible voice was heard to question whether a dash into the abyss below was a sensible idea. While the herd was still in full forward mode downhill, Ruggero emerged along with BobbleDick and together they set out up the road for a short distance and onto the next contour path.

At this point it was becoming apparent that a few FRBs were nowhere to be seen. Had they sprinted off without calling? The pack, however was once again happy to be back on trail and indeed some were even happier to reach the wimp/rambo split at the upper end of the road. So still a little baffled as to whether anyone was ahead, the new FRBs set off towards the junction with the HK Trail, passing Randy VF on the way, who was focused on the trail and not saying a thing. At the junction, they made the sensible decision to turn left up to the picnic area below High West. The decision was not difficult as the check happened to be marked with a small green arrow. At the top of the steps, a further green arrow with a question mark pointed towards the vertical rock face of High West. BobbleDick and others searched in vain for an alternative route avoiding High West while the rest of the pack gathered for a rest. Eventually, BobbleDick declared that the trail had to be UP High West and duly led the pack off up the rock face. The climb was long and uneventful, punctuated only by a Japanese assault party making a push to summit first.

Then began the DOWN. This was uneventful too and the descent to Po Shan road was as direct and painful as they come. It was here that most of the front runners came across Willy Wonka, running in the opposite direction. They later all reported having stopped one by one to have a yarn with WW. Rene was out alone doing some training, so this must have been rather annoying for him. This disruption to his training must have been such that we assume he will be back running with the hash this week. The rest of the run home was un-noteworthy, except that a hash horror appeared from nowhere skipping along Caine Road just before the finish and Dr Evil, first in the shower at Indy's, owned up to the green arrows.