LSW 1638 Middle Bay


A big pack (40+) met at the Middle Island sampan pier, dropped the bags off on Island Road then ran back down to Seaview Promenade and on to Repulse Bay. Up Repulse Bay Rd. and Bellview Drive then into the shiggy along the water pipline.

Up the shiggy until the Tsz Lo Lan Shan trail. False trail right then back left towards to Wong Nai Chung Reservoir.

Wimps down Tai Tam Reservoir Rd past Stanley Ho's house

Rambos up the Tai Tam Country Trail to Violet Hill then left onto the Wilson Trail etage 1 and down to Parkview to go down the road to join the wimps.

A bit of looking around at the sitting out area and the Cricket Club thinking this must surely be it.


On-on along Blacks Link and all the way past Mounts Nicholson and Cameron to Wanchai Gap.

Maps with 'B' were now being unsealed.

Down a false trail on Wanchai Gap Road to come back up to take the traverse left towards the snappily titled "Magazine Gap Rd. Fresh Water Pumping Station No.1 No.2 Fresh Water Service Reservoir"

Down the steps to Bowen Road Garden then down Bowen Drive to the petrol station and right along Kennedy Road. Down the steps to Queen's Road Central (where that nice Gordon Wu wants to pop in a 98 story Mega Tower) and on-home to the Hopewell Centre.

14km and 2hr 10mins later for the Rambos. 9.5km for the Wimps.

A bit of a diaspora before the hard-core went to the restaurant at 10:30 - the rest pleading early starts or a lack of appetite due to dehydration/exhaustion.

Lost in Space came in not smiling just after 11pm

From the pen of Esoteric:-

Postsript to Run No. 637 On On write-up:

Thanks to Sweaty Snail Gobbler for administering the down-downs with able assistance from amah Mr Happy Slippers. Sweaty having a self inflicted down-down as returnee.

Run No. 1638 On On write-up

Given the length of the run and arduous early going, the want for food was naturally low in most runners thoughts, however eleven souls ventured to the De'licieux Vietnamese restaurant, along from Sabah in Jaffe Road, to meet up with the early retiree, and feared lost, Sarah. The restaurant had first been booked for around twenty runners then increased to thirty five upon news of the forty odd assembled at the start. Luckily only half of the courses had been prepared prior to our arrival. Five courses followed and favourable comments provided.

Parky kindly volunteered to administer down-downs with amahsterly performance by Park'n Shop in support. Parky educated the new runners as to hash tradition and down-down etiquette with guinea pigs chosen as follows:-

Hash Perve - returnee having departed fourteen years prior.

The Barraclough family Sally, Sarah, Chris and girlfiend Lauren (or was it Loren?) - new runners. Esoteric - failing to arrange the On On at the RHKYC or ABC so that bags could be shifted by boat.

Parky - looking for an 'On Home' at the top of the shiggy (as grassed by Park'n Shop).

Happy Valley - saying she enjoyed the Rambo and whole run.

Jack - allowing himself to be used as child labour setting the run (Parky considers this a minor offence).

James - being a law student but not advising his brother of his rights.

Esoteric - being a father and not listening to the advice of his sons that the run would be too long.

Happy Valley - picking her teeth during the down downs.

Motor Mouth - making it to the On and bins so early.

Esoteric was requested to teach the new runners the Hash song following which all joined in.

Lost property - RHKYC paddling shorts


Middle Bay to Hopewell Centre