We started here

Up the hill here

More hill here

Double well marked arrow & Flour

Circle on Street

Indy down the stairs

Others up the stairs

There it was far left then up driveway

Up the reservoir stairs

Well vague, but the arrow to dead end was here

Down the drive & into the shiggy

That tape on Analís Retreat

B&S, a rock too far

Whiting out dead birds

That elusive On On for the CB

The Helipad

The helipad view, well if no fog.

Stairs to the tower.

Tower check back

Taken from the on on position to the CB position, sh+t.

On down, well the daylight view

Fredís Bedrock Quarry that we missed.

The great view, -torch not powerful enough

Through Pegodas.

The bottom road and the dog thatís looking for Wanchai Wíker

"Donít be silly, Hopeless put it there when he ran the wrong way", reported Indy

First R / W split on stairs.

Rambo down and right

Whimps gently down to same road. Rambo 50m longer.

Round the road, under the Prada sign, up the covered walkway

Along to Little Sisters of the poor, left and all but there.

Back dingy alley to home.